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Yes you can obtain a child that is 17 depending on how old you are. You have to have a safe decent home. You also have to have a nice job with good pay to raise the child. Also you can go to the court and file a complaint that the child is being neglected by the parent and the detectives and social worker will investigate both homes. His home to prove your complaint, and your home to see if it is safe for you to get custody of him and they'll just go from there. * The interested party cannot keep the minor in their home without approval from the court. It is not for an individual to decide whether or not a juvenile should be taken from the custodial parent regardless of the circumstances. The state's department of family and children's services should be contacted and the abuse reported immediately. The person who wishes to obtain guardianship for the minor will have to file a petition in the probate court. No guardianship issues will be addressed until an investigation is completed and the results are submitted to the court for a decision on what if any action should be taken. Any adult who knowingly allows a minor to reside in their home without the minor having permission of the custodial parent or the court can be charged with criminal misdemeanors and also be subject to civil action by the custodial party.

2006-08-18 12:37:30
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