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How do you open a RAR file?

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WinMount can mount RAR files on a new drive, so that you can use files inside it directly. There is no extraction time before you use them, and you don't need disk space to hold these huge files. WinMount saves your time and disk space! (

or decompress rar with winmount ( )

RAR files are compressed files (like zip files).

Several programs can open it. Try BitZipper from:

They also have a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to work with RAR files at

An alternative is 7-ZIP from . Install the program.

After you install 7-ZIP,you can right click on the RAR file and extract the files.

Also you can use free, open source Zipeg program from (or see link below)

Zipeg opens RAR, ZIP and many other file formats and works on both Macintosh and Windows. It also supports filenames in national alphabets and provides quick pick inside the RAR and ZIP files if they contains pictures or photographs.

Zipeg allows users to extract all or individually selected files and folders from archives.

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Do you have to have Winrar to open a Rar file?

you can use other programs also to open a rar file

How do you use rar files?

The RAR file type is a type of compressed file. The contents of the file can only be accessed by using a decompression program that reads RAR files such as WinRAR. When you open the RAR file with an applicable decompression program you will be given the opportunity to extract its contents similar to a ZIP file.

How do you open a RAR file which is password protected?

Run the file, and type in the password

How do you open a RAR file which opens with Firefox?

open a .rar by using a program like WinZip or WinRar. Both have free trials.

How do you play a rar file on windows media player?

A .rar file is not a media file. It is a compressed archive. The archive itself may well contain one or more media files within it, but you must decompress the file to open them. In order to decompress a .rar file, you need a utility like WinRAR to open it.

How do you convert a rar file into a doc file?

To "unpack" a .rar file you need to install a decompression tool such as WinZip or WinRar. These will let you open .rar files and open the full files with applications that can read those (such as Microsift(TM) Word or OpenOffice for.doc files).

How do you open a file locked rar?

You need to get a RAR file converter. For Windows, you can get a 40 day free trial from RAR Labs - See the Related Link below. You may also need a password - that would have to come from the person that supplied the original RAR file.

How do you open a cnit file media?

change the extension of the file to .rar and then can extract it ..................njoy

How can open rar applications?

You have to use an archiver tool to unpack the rar file. Try B1 Free Archiver.

How do you open lemon file?

rename the file to .rar from .lemon then open the archive.. u'll b neeeding a password. thts

Does anyone know the password to crack the album called the open mind of john de laudermilk as it is in a win rar file?

Download a file extractor that will unpack RAR files.

How do you even open up mw2 modbox v5 everytime I download its just an rar file please help?

Open win rar and find your file. Once found extract to your desktop, click it then hit run. :)

How do you open a rar file in Windows 7?

.RAR (Roshal ARchive) is a archive file format for compressing. Like .ZIP(WinZip/7Zip) you will need a RAR software to create, edit or open any rar. Rarlab are the owner of RAR archive format and the WinRAR software used to work with RAR. WindRAR is downloadable trough their website in several languages, operating systems and bit's. When installed double click a rar to open or right click to unpack the files within. .rar, .rev, .r00 and .r01 turned 20 years old in year 2013.

What programs can one use to open rar files?

A .rar file is a zipped file. To open it, one will need an unzipper programme such as WinRar. Though this claims to be free for only a trial period, this is untrue and will probably never be paid for.

How do you open .rar files with '7zip'?

Go to the directory of the .rar file. Then choose the .rar file and click "Extract". Then click "OK" to extract to the same directory as the .rar file, or press the button that says "..." to choose the directory. Then click OK. The file/files should extract in that directory, and you'll be able to open them with whatever program that fits their file extension. E.g. a .jpg file can be opened in paint, and an .mp3 can be opened in Realplayer. There are 2 easy ways to do this. 1- right click on the file you want to open, and select 'open with'. Then, when it asks you what program you want to use, select '7zip'. 2- open 7zip, go to 'tools-> options' (at the top of the 7zip window), find the 'System' tab (it should open on this automatically) and then 'associate 7 zip with'- select .rar. I personally use 7zip to open all archived file type, so I pick 'select all', but you may, or may not want to do this.

How do you convert vnw file to rar?

rename the file and change vnw to rar and extract

How do you convert rar file to iso?

You extract the .rar file using WinRAR and get the .iso from it.

How do you play rar file?

.Rar files are basically compressed sets of files into a smaller file. (similar to .zip files) if you want to open .Rar files on a Mac you need a program called UnRarX 2. It is free If you wish to open .Rar files on a PC you need a program called WinRar. There are many versions of it available on the web and it has a free forty day trial.

How do you open .rar movie file on a mac?

There are several MAc OS X applications that will open .RAR files including the free Stuff It Expander and UnRarX (see links below)

How do you extract rar files in Linux?

1. Use the rar command. rar e <rar file name>

How do you open password protected rar file?

Google a software called Advanced Rar Password Recovery or similar softwares, this will recover lost or forgotten password on rar files.

What do you do with all the rar files you downloaded from Rapidshare?

A RAR file is a compressed archive file, similar to a ZIP file. So, you need software that will unpack or decompress the files. Search the Internet for 7Zip. That's a program that will open numerous types of compressed archive including ZIP and RAR. It's free, too.

How open the file of the rar type with Adobe Reader?

Adobe Reader is not for opening rar files. It is a compressed file which can contain one or more files. You need a piece of software like WinRar or Winzip to open it. There may be files in it that can then be opened by Adobe Reader.

How do you use WinRAR archive?

You install winrarIf you have a rar file with the extension .rarRight click on the file .When you right click on the file you will get an extract optionChoose the place you want to extract the contents of the rar file .

The archive is either in unknown format or damaged?

If you're talking about WinRaR file format .rar then there are 3 main reasons why you get this error 1) The file you have is not .rar file.It could be some junk file which ends like .rar(but in reality it is not). E.G. I can take a movie .avi file and instead of .avi type .rar...of course that file won't work so..If you downloaded that file from somebody,it could be junk 2) If you used FireFox to download the file,do not "play" too much while file is downloading.try to avoid "pause" and "resume" options.Just leave it to download without interruptions. rar file is very sensitive because it is highly encrypted.If something VERY VERY little goes wrong during download,the WHOLE file becomes useless. 3)person who UPLOADED the .rar file made the mistake described on #2 .... For more advances users.Here is how to find out if the file is really .rar or it's junk. ... take the corrupt .rar file and add .txt extention in the end.Do not delete anything. E.g. if your rar name was this_istesting123.rar now it'll look like this_istesting123.rar.txt Double click to open the file.Notepad will show up because it's text file. NOTE: if your file is large,like 100MB PLEASE BE PATIENT because it may take up to 5 MINUTES to open that huge encrypted notepad. Once you have it open look at the first line.if you see something like this " Rar! ϐs " then your file is real .rar file and it is NOT junk.Probably your connection was interrupted during download and file just got corrupt.Re-downloading the file will fix the problem.Please don't forget about #2 problem. Hope this helps.Bye.