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How do you open a RAR file?


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May 08, 2010 4:06PM

WinMount can mount RAR files on a new drive, so that you can use files inside it directly. There is no extraction time before you use them, and you don't need disk space to hold these huge files. WinMount saves your time and disk space! (

or decompress rar with winmount ( )

RAR files are compressed files (like zip files).

Several programs can open it. Try BitZipper from:

They also have a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to work with RAR files at

An alternative is 7-ZIP from . Install the program.

After you install 7-ZIP,you can right click on the RAR file and extract the files.

Also you can use free, open source Zipeg program from (or see link below)

Zipeg opens RAR, ZIP and many other file formats and works on both Macintosh and Windows. It also supports filenames in national alphabets and provides quick pick inside the RAR and ZIP files if they contains pictures or photographs.

Zipeg allows users to extract all or individually selected files and folders from archives.