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Hey Michael==It would help if you listed what kind of car yu have. SOME cars you can get into the trunk by taking the back seat out and with long extensions, remove the latch. Good luckJoe

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Q: How do you open a car's trunk without the key?
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How do you open the trunk without battery supply?

Use you key to unlock and open the trunk.

How do you open the trunk without the remote on a 2008 ford mustang?

The only way to open the trunk is the key fob or key

How can you open a trunk without a key?

pick the lock or use a skeleton key

1995 cadillac deville how do you open trunk without key?

Press the trunk button on the dash board or the remote key fob

How can you open the trunk of a xjs without the key?

Get a professional locksmith or a cheap crowbar.

How do you open cadillac trunk without damageing?

Hopefully with the remote device or key...

2020 kia optima trunk release?

To open the trunk lid without using the key, pull up the trunk lid release lever. To open the trunk lid, insert the key and turn it clockwise to unlock. The trunk compartment light will illuminate when the trunk lid is

How do you open an Oldsmobile alegra trunk without the key?

locked keys in truck of 2000 alero. how to open?

How do you open the trunk on a 1998 grand marquis without the battery or the key?

Call a locksmith.

How do you open the trunk on 87 Monte Carlo SS without a key?

You can't, unless you get to the trunk by removing the rear seatbacks

How do you open the trunk of a 1993 Lexus sc 400 without a key?

Left side by the steering column there is a trunk switch.

How to Open a trunk without key lock does not open?

Some models allow the rear of the back seat to be removed. If it comes out you can crawl into the trunk and release the latch. If not, then the lock will either have to be picked by a locksmith or drilled out. On some newer cars, the dealer may be able to determine the key type from the vin # and be able to make a new key.

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