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How do you open a defective gas tank cover release lever?


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2015-07-15 21:34:46
2015-07-15 21:34:46

Take a thin metal ruler or a thin screw driver and try to push in the latch. This will bend the latch so it'll open, then when it's fixed, you just bend it back.

On many more recent cars (since 1985) the first aid is to open the trunk, locate the tank cover cable, and ease back on it whilst trying to lift the cap. If that opens it, feel for cover spring action; the spring is on the side opposite the latch and often fatigues in half. These springs are almost impossible to find. If the cover won't open it may be warped due to a zealous station attendant etc. Usually you can unwarp it with care not to foul up the hinge.

Otherwise, the cable has slipped on its clamp at one end or the other. Usually the cable needs to be replaced by a mechanic.


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The release lever is on drivers side floor by the seat there is also lever for the trunk right in front of it

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The lever beside the drivers seat lifts for opening the boot and you push down on that lever to open the fuel cover.

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a hood release lever is a lever that releases the hook in the front of the car so it can pop open.

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Some cars have an auxilary release lever/wire located in the trunk. Short of that, you may be able to locate the activation line from underneath the release lever housing and pull it manually.

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Yes you can on some vehicles, you just need to disable or remove the latch that holds the cover closed. Some vehicles if you do this the cover will just stay open because of the spring that helps to open it once you pull the release lever.

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