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How do you open dll files to see what is written inside?

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AnswerThe answer is, you can't*. A DLL is file created by the compiler after compiling or packaging the source code and there is no way to find out how it is written once it is compiled. If you really trust the source of your DLL, you can add this DLL to a com+ application and find out the methods and functions available through the DLL, and the parameters for those. Alternatively, you can create a simple ASP file and create an instance of this DLL and find out all the methods and functions that way too. AdditionYou can open them with notepad, but you won't be able to understand anything as it's all in computer code.

*unless it was developed in (at least as I know of) MS Visual Studio .NET, then you may examine the functionalities thereof by means of your object browser and the functionalities, properties, methods, etc are exposed there. The extent to which these functionalities are understood is directly related to how well the programmer of this (D)ynamic (L)ink (L)ibrary documented it. In other words, this is in its functional form, no further compilation is required, but it may as well adhere to the conformaty set forth by Microsoft via Visual Studio .NET an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) whereby you may examine its programming resources.

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What can open dll files?

A DLL (dynamic link library) file is a file used by a specific application to communicate with devices inside or attached to the computer. DLL files aren't meant to be opened separately from the program they belong to. When you load the program the DLL file belongs to, that program will automatically load the DLL file if it needs it.

How do I open dll files on windows 7?

You don't open DLL files directly. They are not programs or documents, but libraries that programs use to perform specific tasks.

How do you open a dll file on vista?

DLL files are part of a program. They are opened by the program that needs them.

Which program file opens DLL files?

If you understand DLL files as series of instructions to a computer that has a printer or other attached device to communicate effectively then any text reading or word processing program will open and then read DLL files

How can find the application that is using a dll file?

Most programs use .DLL files. The one you installed yourself is usually in the program's folder. Right click the dll and choose "Open file location" and look for a .exe file. If you want to know more about a specific dll you can open the dll in notepad, often you can read some of the letters and figuring out what program/game etc. It's for. For other .dll files you can search up on the name or location to find its origin. dll files should often be left alone.

How can I open .dll files on a Mac?

Programs on Mac OS X do not normally use .dll files (some Microsoft products for the Mac do). Instead they use .dylib files, which have a completely different structure.

Which language or routines used in dll files?

c# is the language for developing .dll files

Does adobe dreamweaver open dll files?

No. dll files are "Dynamic Link Libraries" and are used to store program code. They don't operate as stand alone programs but they are called by other programs.

How do you open dll?

You can open the .dll files by using the program that called ResHach and you can download it from the link : from CNET

What program do you open a dll extension with?

It is not reccomended that you open a .dll file as these generally are system files vital for your computer and it's programs to work. NEVER MODIFY A DLL FILE as this can cause your system to become unstable and crash beyond repair

How do you open 16-bit .dll files?

You can't. DLL file ( Dynamic Link Library ) can only be opened by an executable ( EXE ) or compiler.

Where are dll stored?

You cannot view DLL files under normal circumstances. These are regarded as critical system files and the operating system will keep these hidden from view. If you wish to view the files anyway, do the following:Open up My Computer.Click on Tools in the top menu bar.Click on Folder Options.In the window that opens, click on the tab named View.Scroll down the list till you come to the option "Show hidden files and folders". Click on this option to select it. The option just above this option (Do not show hidden files and folders) will become deselected automatically. Relax, it is normal.Uncheck the box below these options which says "Hide file extensions for known file types". This will display the extensions of all files in your PC, allowing you to easily identify the DLL files.Click on Apply, and then on OK.Now navigate to the drive partition where Windows is installed.Open the Windows folder. Inside it you will find a folder named System32.Open the System32 folder. You will be able to see all DLL files of your Windows OS.If you cannot spot the DLL files at first sight, right click on an empty space inside the System32 folder. A small menu will pop up. Select the option "Arrange Icons By", and then click on the option "Type".Now Windows will arrange the DLL files in the folder side by side, allowing you to view those more comfortably.You are free to view the DLL files as much as you want. It will not harm your PC in any way. You can also open the DLLs using a text editor like Notepad. However, do not attempt to modify any DLL file, unless you know what you are doing. Modifying DLL files may corrupt the files, rendering Windows inoperative.

How do you read dll files?

You cannot really "read" it, since it is all basically a bunch of letters, numbers, and shapes. If you really want to, right click on the .DLL file, then choose the "Open with" option. Then look for notepad. When you find notepad, click it. That will then open the DLL file for you to view.

Shall idelete all the dll files in the system folder which you have sugested before?

delete all dll files you do not need them

How do you find dlls?

if you are unable to search the .dll file. It may be they are in hidden file.first un-hide the all my computer > tools>folder option>view> show hidden file and folder>apply>okNow try to search the dll file by the search optionstart>search>the the name of file. and press enterwhy do you need to know what it is 1. its a dynamic loaded library all applications use this as a library of data to find information basically dll files store a bunch of info for a certain applicationWhere can you find .dll files on the internet to replace missing ones on your computer? Whilst some software applications strictly forbid the distribution of .dll files, some software applications (most commonly open source software) do not disallow .dll files to be distributed.If you're looking for .dll files on the Internet to replace missing or corrupted windows .dll files, that would be against the software licensing terms Microsoft have in place. This would also go for other companies as well.Normally, you can just search the name of the dll. So Google .dll download.

What program do you use to open dll files for Outlook Web Access?

well you cant read them so i do not know???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

How do you get path of a DLL from inside the DLL itself?

Where DLL files stores?

Dll files are stored every dude. Did a program say that a dll failed? or a dll has an error? or cant be found? go in the My Computer and go in your hard drive. programs and files. go to the broke down program. there is were the dll would MOST likely be. But i would download a pach for the program. eather that, re download and reinstall the program.

How do you open .dll files to see what is written inside?

A DLL is a library file that contains functions for other programs to use. In order for these functions to be run their code must have been compiled. Compiling is the process of taking source code in a language like C++ or Visual Basic which can be read by humans, and converting it into machine code that can be read by a computer processor. As such it is very hard to 'read' DLL files as the actual functional code is machine code. In order to read the source code you would have to attempt to reverse-engineer the machine code. Reverse compilation is touchy legal area which is usually very hard as the machine code may have been written in any high-level language, you would have to find out which one it was written in to have good shot of decompiling it. It would also likely be encoded. You can use a program such as "DLL Export Viewer" (see Related link below) to 'view' DLL files.

What is true program for DLL files?

C++ editor and a dll compiler, but I wouyld go with codeblocks because it has a built in dll compiler with the dll tags hope it helps :)

How do you write new dll files and edit in existing dll files?

By using Reshack software

Are DOWNLOAD files the same as dll files?

No Download files are files that you have downloaded, normally from the interent. They can be of any type (e.g. .doc, .mp3, .dll, .exe, etc.) .dll files are Dynamic Link Libraries that are used by programs installed on your computer. Nearly all are needed for your programs to run correctly. Technically, you can download a .dll file but they aren't the same thing :) Downloading a file is something you do TO a file (like read, modify, delete, etc.). A dll file is a type of file.

Where are dll files located in windows xp?

The .dll files are hidden since they are so important to the operating system. However, if you want to take a look at them, click on Search, then type in *.dll tell it to look at hidden files. They will be listed and it will show what folders they are in. They are in several different folders such as i386.

How do you remove AVG dll?

Totally uninstall AVG from your computer can help you completely remove AVG dll files.

Is it possible to open a dll with a program that makes it possible to change or read what is inside of them?

A program called Resource Hacker will yet you read and change some dll.