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Unfortunately, you will have to remove the door panel to gain access to the latch assembly. I am actually going through this right now. Remove the door pull (where the power window switches are), the trim around the door handle, either the factory tweeter or the trim by the outside mirror, the speaker, then the 3 screws in the speaker area that hold the door panel to the door. Now, gently pull the bottom center of the door panel to pull the clips out of the door shell. Once they pop, work your way around to get all of the clips but the ones behind the dashboard. Pull the rear door panel away from the door and at an upwards angle. I found that it's easiest to actually get the panel out by rolling the window down and standing outside the car for the next step. Pull pretty hard as you will either need to break the one clip or the clip attaching point to the door panel. Now, the door panel will come out of the car. You have access to the back side of the door latch assembly at this point; you may have to destroy it to gain access to the latch release. That's OK because your latch in the car right now is junk anyway. Once you get the door open, make sure the window is up and remove one 10 mm headed bolt from the bottom of the window rail that covers the latch. Swing it up inside the door and tape or zip tie it out of the way. Now, unclip all of the linkages. Finally, remove the 3 #3 Phillips screws that hold the latch in and take the latch out of the car. Reverse process to replace; this time you can put the door panel on with the door open, though.

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Q: How do you open driver's side door on Honda Civic 1998 that won't open from inside or outside?
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Open the door from the inside!!!

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