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Q: How do you open the card and get the code to adopt a pet on vips?
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Vip littlest pet shop?

littlest petshop vips have a code once you have purhased them you can open it and find your pets code

How do you find the code for the lilttlest pet shops VIPs?

== ==

What is the code for a dog on the littlest pet shop vips?

it is higi76123jfhc

LPS Vips code Unused?

i used mine sorry

Littlestpetshop code for a panda?

Hello I need a LPS Code my Vips haven´t got a Code

Can you show on screen the code for the littlest pet shop VIPs?


What is the Fred website code?

the code is for vips only so become one and then i will tell you how do you become vip?

How does a littlest pet shop vip code look like?

what is the bonus code of the littlest pet shop vips

Littlest pet shop vips dog code?

no but you can have the account use:littlestpets1234 pass:12345678 do not change it!

Can see the bunny code from the littlest pet shop VIPs?

No You cannot its just a demo code so they can be able to show you on television

Why is barbiegirls so cool to lots of girls?

Well its because there lots of fun also vips can buy, adopt, play, customize and much more.

What the redeem code for vips on Movie Star Planet?

5522930728 is one it might not work on some paces

A littlest pet shop VIPs code Someone got the last one before you?

help me figure this out

What is code petshop vips cat pink?

i am staff of littlest pet shop and why do people want codes well the code are mypetshop324178ghgflowergirls34hgtyi zahyupeta vipgirl54932

When was Val Meets... The VIPS created?

Val Meets... The VIPS was created in 1973.

What are All the pets secret codes on vips?

Every single code is different but all the codes have zeros in it. : D

How do you become a member the littlest pet shop VIPs games?

You have to buy a VIP stuffed animal with the code on the collar.

What is a code that no one is using for the littlest pet shop VIP?

try this the animal is a monkey,so the code is,N854KRR22CDF thanks!! ask me if you want another,i collect them in fact i have 13 LPS vips but i used 1 4 here and i used already another one on LSP vips...

What is the duration of Val Meets... The VIPS?

The duration of Val Meets... The VIPS is 1500.0 seconds.

Are there any cheat codes for littlest pet shop vips that actually work?

yes their are what kind of cheat code are you looking for

What is the code for lps vips?

One of them is dxnb7872vsk which is a dalmation but is out of out of accepted range but you can borrow it and my name is jasmine and im 8.BYE!

What is a Littlest Pet Shop VIPs Code please an unused?

i can give you one that is unused.It's 74HF7NP6D2XF!But hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

What is a code of a littlest petshop vips dalmatian that works?

If you want a littlest pet shop Dalmatian you would have to buy one with a code. Once you use one code you can't use it again.

What are the ratings and certificates for VIPs - 2010?

VIPs - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: Brazil:12

What is the code for Panda on littlest pet shop?

the code for my cute panda is higu739vipspanda674 that's it tape it a littlest pets shop vips home and do it now! from:sally song