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There are a number of approaches depending on where the cable breaks. If it breaks next to handle then remove trim and cable from handle attachment. Remove cable housing material from cable exposing steel wire. Grab steel wires with pliers while holding the cable housing with another pliers. Pull wire about 3/8" and this should pop hood. Remember to release the steel cable back into housing to further release the hood. You will understand this later when looking at the hood latch. Hood should pop open and then use secondary release to further open hood. Pull steel wire out from housing by the hood latch and allow to drape in front of radiator (trim wire to appropriate length) so when you shut hood you will now be allowed to open it again. Relace able and cable houseing at later time. Time...about 20 minutes.

If cable breaks elsewhere try method below.

Try removing the grill, I think there are 6 torx screws that hold it in, that should allow you access to the hood latch, just give a pull on what ever bit of wire that is still attached to the latch and it should open.

Before removing the grille it will be necessary to open the hood on a car which is similar to yours. This is critical since it is the only way a precise tool can be made that will reach in and around the hood latch housing. Once the example latch system is exposed you can easily make a tool from a cut coat hangar or some other similar small diameter 'rigid' metal rod material. By bending the rod at various points, working low from the grille area, you can configure the tool to the appropriate dimensions. Close the hood on the sample car and now remove the grille from the problem car. Then by snaking the tool in and around the hood latch housing you can snare the mechanism and pop the hood. If, however, a similar example vehicle is not readily available then a trip to a local salvage yard may be in order, and you can configure the tool there. I've done all of this and it works like a charm, but the key is in making the tool, since there are several precise bends that will be required to make it work properly.

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Q: How do you open the hood and repair a broken wire connection to a locked hood latch on a 1991 Buick Park Ave?
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