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if the hood release is broken at the part inside the cab, to release it, you can grab the cable with a pliers and pull if it is broken up at the hood, id say your screwed. Answer
Most likely the hood still works but will not release. They say this is common with Chevy pickups. To test this wedge a screwdriver or something of that width where the hood opens in the front near the center. This is to put pressure on the latch. There is a good chance that it will open. Answer
Tap the hood with your fist near the latch mechanism. After you get it open, spray it with WD40 or something to keep it from sticking again.
If you are really stuck get three small blocks of wood cut at 45 degrees or less from a 2x4. Carefully wedge the blocks between the hood and the grill. You then will have access to the two 13mm bolts holding the latch. If you are fortunate enough to have on hand a slim universal joint for the 13mm socket and extension, it will be required.

Remove the bolts and the hood will lift. Then free it from the latch to clean and repair.
Refit back into its original location.
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Q: How do you open the hood of '95 Chevy truck that has a broken hood release?
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Can you open the hood from the outside of a 2006 Chevy trailblazer if the hood release is broken?

If you remove the grill from the front of the truck you can then access the safety latch and hood release. My latch had rusted so I had to do this using a flat head screw driver and lifting the safety latch which allowed for the hood release to open.

Where do you locate the hood latch under the hood when the cable is broken?

dodge truck broken hood latch

Will a 1989 Chevy truck hood fit a 1982 Chevy truck?

No, It is not even close.

Will the hood from a 93 Chevy truck fit on a 1998 Chevy truck?

YES they are the same.

1991 ford f-350 hood release not working now what?

Had same problem today on 1993 Chevy truck. We cut black insulation around cable between hood release and wall in truck about 4 inches. Then pulled on cable and it opened hood.

You own a 88 Chevy beretta the hood release cable is broken how can you open the hood?

my Beretta is a 94 and it hood release is broke just the silver cable show ,,, i use needle nose pliers and pull it !

How can you open the hood of a 1994 Chevy ilumina van when the cable release is broken?

omg u Have to go thru the grill and pull the release latch

Where is the hood on a 2000 Chevy Silverado?

On the front of the truck, rear hinged.

My 1994 s10 truck hood latch stuck or jammed?

You can get your 1994 Chevy S 10 pickup truck hood latch unstuck by spraying a lubricant on the latching mechanism. You can also remove the hood latch retaining bolts to bypass the stock release cable.

How do you open Isuzu Rodeo hood when hood release is broken?

Get someone to hold the hood release lever while you pull up on the hood.

Location of crankshaft sensor for a 1992 chevy 1500 truck 4.3 engine?

The crankshaft sensor is located in the engine on a Chevy 1500 truck. This is under the hood.

Where is hood release for 1980 VW rabbit truck?

If you are standing in front of the truck it should be the little tab sticking out from the front of your hood. just push it too the side and release the hood by means of the handle you can then reach underneath your hood

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