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Finding information about this kind of thing seems to be very difficult on the big wide web... I have a '96 Honda Accord, myself, and after an evening spent taping the wires that were pulled down as the result of the front left tire losing it's tread (very nasty... ripped out the tire well, broke wires, shredded the tube for the washer fluid, and pulled wires down from the back of the well.) I discovered I had only one last pull on the hood release before that broke, too, which I wasted when the tire shredded because I was trying to check something that I don't remember what it is now. Anyway, the only thing I can think of right now is to use a knife that your wife won't kill you to ruin to get in and lift the latch that's under the front of the hood (you know, the one that you have to lift to open the hood even when the hood release latch is working...) There's also a possibility that cutting the cable near the front of the tire well and leaving enough of the inner cable bare to yank on it with pliers might release it, since all it is is a steel cable within that rubber sheath that yanks a latch back and releases the hood... At the worst, I might have to try to get in past that front plastic grill (which would most likely mark the end of the grill), and pull it open there. If I think to later on, I'll post what I ended-up having to do, but if I forget, you can reach me at ("d-t-s" at "swbell" dot "net") to find out what I did.

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Q: How do you open the hood of a '94 Honda Accord with a broken hood release cable?
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Listen carefully, go get a sledgehammer and then slam the hood with it as hard as possible.

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please tell me

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