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How do you open the hood on a Mazda MX3 if the hood release is not working?


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2015-07-15 18:57:26
2015-07-15 18:57:26

I had the same problem on my MX-3. You can reach up from under the car and feel for the spring release to pop the hood. The problem is, the manufacturer put a piece of flat metal in your way, I guess so strangers can't pop it. The metal is not all that hard. It's like an L shaped flap about 3 inches accross horizontally. Reach up with a wrech, or plyers, and bend the piece down so that it's vertical. You will now be able to feel up there for the sping release and pop the hood. Now go back inside and torque the bolt behind the hood release handle, below the dask board, so that you can get more resistance and make it function again.

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Tom Miller

Reach up in between the grill on the drivers side of the front of the car. You will fill a hood release cable. Pull on it and you are in. Or use a hammer-


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Open Hood. Open the hood of your Mazda 5. The hood release is located under the dashboard of your 5.

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The easiest way to open up your hood is to have someone pull the hood release lever for you. While they are pulling on the lever, you can then pull up on the hood.

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To open the hood on a 2002 Toyota Camry when the hood release cord is not working properly, jack up the car and use a long pole underneath to trip the hood latch. Replace or repair the cord before closing the hood.

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Have someone pull the hood release lever at the same time open the hood using a flat tip screwdriver

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Either get someone to pull and hold the hood release lever open or find some other means, like using the seatbelt, and then try pulling up on the hood. This should pop the hood, and then of course to fully open the hood you would need to find the release latch that is under the hood but above the grill, to the left of center. The hood release mechanism may be stuck or need some lube and a little working.

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