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How do you open the panel of rear door of Ford Focus to fix a broken power window?

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2015-07-15 20:51:37
2015-07-15 20:51:37

1. Remove the door Pull-handle cover (the handle one would hold on to during a car ride, not the handle that opens the door), by inserting a screwdriver into the access hole on the bottom of the handle, and using the screwdriver as a lever, pop off the handle cover.

2. Remove the button covering a retaining screw in the interior door latch backing plate.

3. Remove the 8 Torx� retaining screws around the perimeter of the door panel, and the single Torx� retaining screw in the interior door latch.

4. Remove the 2 hex bolts in the door handle.

5. Gently lift the panel upwards, to disengage the window weather-strip molding.

6. Remove the Door Latch Trim Panel, be sure to unplug the Power Lock or Window Switch, and remember how the wire was run.

7. Remove the interior door latch, by gently pulling out on the front corner, which is held in by a plastic compression spring.

8. Remove the 4 hex bolts holding the speaker in place, disconnect and remove the speaker.

9. Remove the foam insert in the lower right corner of the door by gently popping the three retaining hooks off of the retaining pegs.

10. Gently (so as not to tear the thin foam) pull the foam and adhesive off of the door frame, starting at the upper right corner, and working around past the speaker cutout in the lower left corner.

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To set the power window back on track in a Ford Focus, you have to remove the door panel. Once you get in there, you will see the track that you will need to put the window back on.

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To repair the power window on the 1998 Old Intrigue, you will first need to remove the interior door panel to access the window motor, switch, and actuator. You can then determine which part is broken or damaged and replace that part.

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You can manually roll up a power window by pulling on it. You can also remove the door panel and pull the window up.

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Two common culprits are found to be the cause of electric window problems with a Ford Focus. The first is that the power window motor has burned out. The second is the window coming off track.

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If a power window goes off track on a 1999 Camaro, the door panel can be removed and the window put back on the cable track. The door panel can be removed by opening the clips on the corners. If there are lights in the door panel, the light covers need to be removed first.

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