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How do you open the passenger side door on a 1988 Honda Accord if it is jammed shut?


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2015-07-14 15:05:25
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A slim Jim...A good glass man or a roadside assistance man. O r go to a wrecker and look at a Honda with the panel already off , and make your own tool to pop it open out of a peice of metal or wire or what have you..


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The computer (ecm) is under the passenger floor board under the carpet. will have to remove medal cover.

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It is there. Mounted on engine block near firewall, passenger side. If you cannot find it then you are not qualified to change your own oil.

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Please try your local Salvage Yards. They Will have several that will fit your car at a good price. Plus they are good for the enviroment. and will help you find a 1988 Honda Accord automatic in your area. Additionally, you may be able to find 1988 Accord on eBay or Craigslist.

If you wish to learn how to rebuild a 1988 Honda Accord automatic transmission, then you should purchase Haynes Repair Manual, 1984 through 1989. You can buy this book at Autozone or

4.5 Quarts with oil/filter change.

You have to drop the engine and the trans Good luck

Normally the ECU is located under the passenger seat or behind the passenger kick panel.

no totally different engine, and engine bay lay out. Smaller engine (civic) cant cool a bigger engine (accord)

I do have a 1988 Honda accord dx,and the igniter is located in the distributor.but yours may be located on a different location. I hope this help some...good luck.

I have a 1988 Honda civic lx and the rear passenger door has a child lock on it and I don't know how to get it open?

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