How do you open xml files?

XML can be opened with nearly any text editors, XML is an open standard language and anybody can define their own XML document.

The example below can be anything I will just demonstrate with the theme of a bookstore. Just say you need to store information about books and display them in a web page.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<bookstore> (This is the bookstore tag)
<history> (If you wanted to catergorize your books, I choose a history tag)

<book name="Classical Rome" isbn="236217836"> (This is an example book)
<author>Pontius Suitonius</author>

<book name "Ancient Britain" isbn="4357346538">(Here is another example book)
<author>Simon Etherington</author>

</history> (The History tag closes)
</bookstore> (The bookstore tag closes)

NB! Comments are not used in XML, the example above uses (asdsadsa) for illustration.