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The operation depends upon the complication & functions of various instruments ..i have been using leica whic iz best & very easy ..only try to use at first thn u can tak up easily ..?? All these depends on your basic knowledge on TOTAL STATION

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โˆ™ 2010-12-23 14:53:02
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Q: How do you operate a leica 1200 series total station?
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Leica toHelp us to find out leica total station dealers in India?


How do you use Leica Total Station for stake out survey?

after pressing the stake out button go to start,then press down arrow 2 times,then press manual and then enter the easting and northing ans press ok.....fix the bearing .....thats it

Local dealers in India for leica total station?

Elcome Technologies pvt Ltd., S-7, Water tank road, MMDA colony, Arumbakkam, Chennai-106. Ph:9382330363. Contact person S P Balan

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What is error code e-03 on topcon 303 total station?

Error message displayed when an internal problem presits. You have to turn off and then back ON total station just before starting to operate...If the problem was not fixed this way you have to send your instrument for repair.

Help us to find out leica total station dealers in India?

Dear We are at Elcome Technologies Pvt Ltd, 17B, Demonte Street, Santhome, Mylapore, Chennai-4. India. Ph:+91-44-24618224, 24617250 Fax:+91-44-24611269

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The best way to learn to use this technology is to get hands on experience with one. Take a course, or learn from someone who already knows the equipment. Also ensure that you know proper surveying methods prior to use.