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you can get the aurora ticket:(emerlad version)

1.defeat the elite four 100 times.

2.catch the 3 regi pokemons.

3.catch a latios or latias/

4.go in the pacifidlog town with fly.

5. in your party you have to get the 3 regis, the latios, the rayquaza with fly, and your starter Pokemon(mudkip, torchick or treeko) important that rayquaza has a fly.

7.when the old man in pacifidlog tells you that he can see the mirage island, go and if you have all this Pokemon with you, may will be there she will give you a mystic ticket.

8. go with that ticket to slateport city and you will be able to go to the island where is deoxis.

9.deoxis is strong you have to get atless 40 nest balls.

10.this is true a friend told me i did and this worked. :)
??? Huh?

Ok, I'd REALLY recommend checking Serebii or Bulbapedia here.

Step one: Activate Mystery Gift (If necessary. Some games [HG/SS] have it from the get-go)

Step two: SAVE! (Only applies if it had to be activated)

Step three: Access it on the Main Menu

Step four: Depending on what you're doing, choose an option.

If using Get By Wi-Fi, have the DS's Wi-Fi settings done beforehand. Then, start it checking, it will connect and see if there is one up that you haven't previously recieved, and, if so, it will ask you if you wish to download it. Then, just go pick it up at the Mart!

If using Get From Wireless, this is if you are at a Nintendo Event, much as if with the older games needing the Link Cable to get the item/Pokemon; just run this option, it will check for a supplied item/Pokemon you haven't received already, and ask to download the new one. Pick up at Mart.

If using Get From Friend, this ONLY applies to when a friend has received a Mystery Gift by either above method (Can't chain-share). They will go to the card for it on their game and initiate the sharing. Then you run the Get From Friend option, and it will ask you to download it. Pick up at Mart.

NOTE: You are limited to THREE Mystery Gift cards being saved on your game, and MUST delete an old one to receive a new one, if you have three. THIS WILL NOT DELETE WHAT YOU OBTAINED FROM THE MAN AT THE MART!!! However, if you were to delete a Sharable one, you couldn't ever share it again, as you CAN NOT re-obtain Mystery Gifts.

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Q: How do you operate the Mystery Gift in Pokemon?
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What Pokemon do you get mystery gift in Pokemon X and y?

Unfortunately, there are no available pokemon for XY Mystery Gift.

What do you get from the mystery gift?

You get special Pokemon. For right now, for Pokemon Black and White, you could receive an Darkrai by using Mystery Gift. These special Pokemon are known as Mystery Gift Event Pokemon.

What is the password for the mystery gift in Pokemon ruby?

mystery gift is exciting

How do you get a wonder card for the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?

It comes with the Mystery gift...

How you get the mystery gift in Pokemon?

you have to have a friend with mystery gift with an also have to have wifi

How do you get a Pokemon from the mystery gift on soul silver?

you get mystery gift it automatically after you get the pokedex in the game. try going to to find out what pokemon event is going on through mystery gift.

Can you send a friend on Pokemon pearl a Pokemon through mystery gift?

Nope, the only thing the Mystery Gift does is allow you to get event Pokemon

What does the Mystery Gift do in Pokemon Diamond?

It allows you to get legendary Pokemon and items to get legendary Pokemon. I have a manaphy because of mystery gift. there will be a darkrai and areceus mystery gift at toys r us and at game stop. i missed the deoxys mystery gift. it was on June 29th. I hope that helped!

How do you get the mystery gift from your friend in Pokemon dimond?

I don't no how you get it from your friend but I do know how to get mystery gift.

How do you get the Mystery Event after you have the Mystery Gift in Pokemon dimiond?

on certain days activate the mystery gift and you may get an event

Where do you get the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Sapphire?

== == == ==

What mystery gifts are avalible on Pokemon Diamond And platinum right now?

Mystery Gift: MANAPHY Egg ---- Mystery Gift: Azure Flute ---- Mystery Gift: Member Card ---- Mystery Gift: Oak's Letter ----

Pokemon Mystery Gift in Pokemon Black and White?

Please click on the related question to find out how to receive the Mystery Gift FREE!

What is the mystery gift in pokeon platinum?

Mystery gift sends you items that unlocks legendary Pokemon, or it sends you the legendary Pokemon itself.

Is mystery gift in Pokemon Blue?

No, the Mystery Gift feature was introduced in generation II games.

How do you receive mystery gift on Pokemon heartgold?

Mystery Gift is already unlocked on HG/SS.

Can you get Pokรฉmon on Mystery Gift on Pokรฉmon Black?

Yes, you can get different Pokemon when they are ready to get from Mystery Gift.

How do you open Mystery Gift in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there is no mysteri gift

Mistury gift in Pokemon peral and diamond?

You get the mystery gift from Pokemon ranger games.

Is victini a mystery gift Pokemon for black?

Yes, Victini is the Mystery Gift you get. Please click on the related question if you need to know how to get the Mystery Gift.

How can you get the mystery gift in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White?

In Pokemon Black and White you can get the mystery gift between March 6, 2011 to April 10, 2011.

Where can a Pokemon Mystery Gift Calendar be found?

I don't now about a calender, but the related link website tells you what Pokemon you can get through mystery gift.

How do you get mystery gift in Pokemon HeartGold?

In Pokemon Heartgold you actually start with the mystery gift. When you start your game and it says continue, new game, etc. scroll down with the arrow and you should see mystery gift

How do you obtain the mystery gift in Pokemon platinum?

you need to get on to wi-fi and you may or may not get the mystery gift

Where can you get the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon?

u can get it when u do the mystery gift u can get it when u do the mystery gift