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I would talk to city councle members for approval then make flyers and put an ad in the newspaper with info on how to sign up, the date of event and where it will be held... reserve a park or something for the event.

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โˆ™ 2009-09-04 20:47:24
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Q: How do you organize a community cooking contest?
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How do you organize a student cooking contest in a middle school?

Speak to one of the teachers.

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Actually the criteria depends on what the contest is all about.

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Actually the criteria depends on what the contest is all about. SO NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT IT!

Do you have to make food for the cooking contest in webkinz?


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hot chilly peppers

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you can actually win but if your pet doesn't have good cooking skills i recommend kinzville academy

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Actually there are several different sites available online where different cooking contests are listed. But the most comprehensive list can be found at "Contest Cook".

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