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How do you over ride anti theft system in 1996 olds mobile?


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2005-11-19 17:30:48
2005-11-19 17:30:48

It depends on what type of anti theft device you are talking about. Generally the 1996 Olds have a VATS (vehicle anti theft system) key, which can be identified by the visible resistor pellet on the blade of the key just under the bow (head) of the key. If you have a VATS key it is possible to disable the VATS value in the vehicle's on-board computer, however this information is classified and, being a security professional, I will not divulge such information on the internet. I suggest if you want your VATS system disabled on your vehicle you contact your local locksmith. Most locksmiths who do automotive locksmithing will know how to disable your VATS system.


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