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How do you paint water reflections with acrylic paints or watercolour paints?


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March 26, 2011 3:36PM

Like the sunset on a lake? Add a little bit of blue with the color you are using, and paint it as exact as the real one as possible!

More Advice- for Watercolour

If the water is smooth (a lake or pond)

-Use a blue wash over the entire ara of the water's surface with the colour fading (more water less paint) to the far shore.

- Paint in your sky.

- Add your far shore. Remember the more detail you put into your shore, the more detail will be required to get a good "reflection".

Now for the trick*, turn your painting upside down and using the same colours (just more diluted) as the images on the shore line, do a repeat of what your shoreline looks like.

- Make your reflections shorter than the "real thing" paler, and less detailed.

- Once you have a pretty good image (try to remember, less is more), turn the painting back around and on a FLAT surface, using just water, run random strokes through the reflected images. Blot quickly with a paper towel. This will give the whole thing a more realistic look.

Note* The reason you turn the painting upside down is to disengage the part of your brain the wants to paint "a tree" or whatever and engage that part of your brain that will paint a shape (that looks like a tree).