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The most efficient way of painting these type of fences is to...

A. wire brush any loose debris or surface rust away.

B. sand any uneven or rough surfaces.

C. scuff the previous coat.

D. use a good quality DTM (Direct to Metal) paint. These come in an acrylic water base as well that dries to an epoxy like hardness.

E. Using rubber gloves covered with inside out tube socks works the best for flexability and finish. (a painting mit tends to leave fibers behind)
TIP: To Paint Wrought Iron with Graphite In order to make wrought iron look like new mix fine graphite with equal parts of varnish and turpentine oil, adding a little siccative. Paint the iron parts with this twice, allowing to dry each time. Especially the second coating must be perfectly dry before further treatment. The latter consists in preparing graphite with spirit (INDUSTRIAL AND POTABLE ALCOHOL)and applying it very thinly over the first coat. After the drying or evaporation of the spirit the graphite last applied is brushed vigorously, whereby a handsome, durable gloss is produced.

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Q: How do you paint wrought iron fence What is the best paint to use and the best brush?
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How do you paint wrought iron fence what is the best paint to us and the best brush?

A rust inhibiting paint (Rustoleum or similar) is your best choice for paint. A narrow brush (1 - 1 1/2 inch) with a slanted tip gives you good control and appropriate coverage. Start by cleaning the fence, scape loose paint and sand any patches where paint is bubbled. Prime all sanded and bare areas of the fence. Working slowly and carefully apply your paint. If the paint you are using is oil based work from wet to dry, if it is latex, work dry into wet.

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Use a wire brush to get rid of any loose parts, then put a cardboard sheet behind it and spray it. I generally do a primer over all of it first.

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