How do you partition a disk in Windows XP?

== == Open Control Panel in "Administrative Tools" look for "Computer Management" once there, select "Disk Management" in the left frame. This will give you a list of all the hard disks connected to your system. In the right frame you can right-click on any unallocated space and use the popup dialog to make a partition in that space. You can also use this utility to remove existing partitions. Doing so will clear all data from that partition, be very careful when poking around in this window, a few wrong clicks can wipe out our operating system. It is not possible with this program to re-size existing partitions without losing the data. To do that, you will need to buy a program called "Partition Magic" which is available from symantec. After partitioning the disk, it will need to be formatted. Windows will automatically prompt you to do this the first time you attempt to browse to the drive from "my computer" i recommend you use the quick format, as the 'not-quick' format takes hours and hours on modern-sized hard disks.