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I wrote this, was about to publish it, then realized you filed it under methampetamines. STOP SMOKING METH. It is a horrible drug - the worst - I cant imagine a worse drug. Cocaine, heroine, weed, x, and barbituates are all less harmful than meth. If you are smoking meth, you should probably fail the test and go to rehab. That stuff is horrible.

The obvious answer of how to pass a five panel drug test is to not do drugs. If not, this works too, from what I hear.


500-1000mg creatine monohydrate, at least a liter of water, some kind of coke or mountain dew, etc.

passing the test

If you know when it is, its very simple. don't eat for 12 hours before the time. Next, 1.5-2 hours before your test, ingest the creatine, and liter of water. Next, drink the coke, at least 45 mins before the test. When you go to pee, go in the toilet for a while, then after you've gone for a bit, pee in the cup. Clean and clear.

If you are tested randomly, keep a pill of the creatine monohydrate in your pocket. when you hear you have to pee, obviously say you just went. take the pill and drink as much water as you can for the next 2 hours. drink a coke if possible. after at least 2 hours, or as long as you can go without exploding, go to pee in the cup, but pee in the toilet a bunch first, then in the cup. Clean.

Why this works

Creatine monohydrate will keep your kidneys from putting toxins from your blood into your urine. it works for about 6 hours, the best window is the 3-4 hours in the middle. divide an inverted bell curve into six hours and that is a visual amount of toxins in your pee is. If you pee in the window, you are peeing water. That's why you put the coke in there - to put some sugars and stuff in yo pee so it doesnt look like you poured water into a cup.

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Q: How do you pass a five panel drug test?
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