How do you pass a hair drug test?

That depends. If you smoked and illegal drug- you just can't. The drug stays in your hair so.. If you have to take a test on that... good luck you might not pass if you took a certain drug - cleaning your hair or even shaving it you won't pass because they will take... other hair.

  • There are many factors involved in preparation to a hair test. A persons window or amount of hair available for testing determines the toxin window. First one must stop ingesting any drug that is tested for. Second if possible consume a liver detox supplement daily with plenty of water and use a wash for the outer hair so as to keep toxins released from sweat or oils from further contaminating the hair.
  • When one has detoxed to a point where no toxin exist in the body then the inner hair needs to be treated . if one has no use close to the test and heavy use 3-4 months back they could cut the hair to an inch long to shorten the window.
  • The hair test go back up to 90 days and it takes about a half inch of hair for every 1 month of usage. From what I've read, your hair is actually going to be pretty hard to cleanse. From what I've seen cocaine is the hardest substance to get out of the hair. Typical hair follicle screening covers a period of 90 days, but it is possible to go back further than 90 days only limited by the length of your hair. You could try to shave your head, but they can use any body hair for the test. However, it's challenging to precisely represent the time period of a standard screen with body hair that doesn't come from the scalp so substances may be detected in body hair for up to 1 year or more after you took the drug. Dude, your hair can actually act as a road map of drug use. I used to smoke 3-4 times a week.
  • What you can do is you die your hair usually blonde is the best then, you use the just for men hair dye to die it back to your normal hair color that will strip your hair and then dye it back so they don't know what you did. i did this unintentionally but I passed!
  • There is nothing you can do to your hair to pass a drug test except not take drugs.
  • Hair drug test are very accurate, but also very expensive so that why not every companies uses them. When marijuana metabolites are in the blood, they will end up on the blood vessels including those in the hair and get filtered through the hair. The marijuana THC metabolite will remind in the hair as a permanent record of drug use for months. A hair drug test involves cutting 50 -- 80 strands of hair from the base typically at the crown of the head. Hair drug test can go back for months showing the toxins, a person can use in a time line fashion. Unfortunately though, there aren't really any ways to fool a drug test. Hair will show you smoke.
  • Don't take drugs.