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The declaration of an array of 3 int pointers will be:

int *p[3];

The declaration of a function that receive an array of int pointers will be:

int my_func(int **p);


int my_func(int *p[]);

and you can pass it to other function simply by passing p.

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Can you use pointers in c language?

Yes. For example, argv parameter of function mainis a pointer to an array of pointers to characters.

Disadvantage of functions and pointers in c language?

Recursion is the biggest problem in function

Why you use pointers?

Because you can produce fast and efficient code. Function arguments are passed "by value", and so you can't change the original value of the argument, but if you use pointers, you can.

What is main topics in c language?

1. Basics of C 2. Pointers 3. Function Pointers 4. Pointers Arithmetic 5. Most Important playing with pointers. 6. Algorithm to Solve Problems

What are derived data types in the C language?

Arrays, pointers, structures and unions are all derived types in C. These types build upon the built-in types and can be used recursively to derive new types.

What is the main use of the function pointer?

Function Pointers are basically used when we want to select a function which is to be used dynamically at run time.AnswerFunction pointers are the only way for "Interept programming". In UNIX all the Interepts are called using function pointers. This is mainly used in system programming. Answerits nothing but a pointer to function. which is similar to ptr to a variable, if we are saying ptr to a variable then it will hold address of the variable like that fn. ptr will have the address of the function.. one of the major application of the function pointer is call back function.. i.e callback.AnswerPointers to functions/methods/subroutines aka 'Delegates' are frequently used in .NET programming especially in EventHandling, MemberInvoking A function pointer is used to pass a function as an argument to another function, or to store a function as a data item, for example a list of functions can be implemented as an array of pointers to functions. Function pointers are used to store interrupt handlers in tables.

Type of the mouse pointers and their function?

their function is to click on icons

Why are they no pointers in java?

Pointers are a major source of memory leaks and errors. Keeping that in view, the Java language was designed without pointers.

How is the pointer passed as array argument?

Arrays are passed as pointers, eg: void function (int *ip); int main (void) { int n[32]; int *ip = &n[0]; /* these three do the same thing: */ function (&n[0]); function (n); function (ip); }

How you pass function name as parameter?

By using function pointers we can pass function name as parameter to function.

Application of pointers in c language?

Accessing data by their address. A good example is parameter argv of function main.1. Easy access2.To return more than one value from a function.3. To pass as arguments to functions. For eg. consider the following structurestruct student{char name[10];int rollno;};If you pass this structure object as argument to function then, 14 bytes(10+4) of memory will be passed to the function. Instead, if you pass the pointer to the structure as argument then only 4 bytes (or 8 bytes)of memory will be passed to the function.

What is virtual function table?

A virtual function table is a table of pointers to functions.

What is the use of pointers in C programming Language?

Pointer is a variable which points to the address of another variable. Pointers come handy when we are left with no choices such as calling a function using "pass by reference" method, using memory allocated dynamically etc...

What is meant by fully object oriented language?

A fully object-oriented language is one where primitives such as int and float are implemented as objects and where pointers, if available, are implemented as "smart" pointers or resource handles rather than as raw pointers.

What is meant by passing function to another function in c plus plus?

Just as pointers can point to variables, pointers can also point to functions. Thus you can pass function pointers to functions. In so doing, you can alter the behaviour of the function by having it call dynamically call arbitrary functions rather than just preset functions.

Function pointer in c plus plus?

Yes, C++ supports function pointers.

What are the types of pointers in C plus plus?

Pointer variables and function pointers are the two primary types, as well as a void pointer (unknown type). Pointer variables can point to any valid type, including primitive types and user-defined types, as well as other pointer variables. Function pointers can point to any function with the same signature as the function pointer itself. Void pointers can point anywhere.

What are pointers in c programming language?

Pointers are variables that hold the address to a memory location. It makes copying/assignment very efficient, since it eliminates the need for copying entire memory blocks...only the address is copied. This is useful for example for function arguments.

Why pointers are eliminated from java?

The appropriate term would be "Pointers were avoided when Java was created" The C language gives access to its memory to the developer which gives great powers to the programmer but its like giving a dynamite. Pointers caused more harm than good to the developers world over while using the C language. Any C developer you talk to would have a story to narrate regarding his tough experience with pointers. Hence the team that created the Java language took a decision to avoid the concept of Pointers from this new language they were creating. Hence Java doesnt have pointers.

Types of pointers in c?

You can define pointers to every data-type (including elementary types, structures, unions, arrays and function), plus you can define generic pointers as 'void *'.

Uses of pointers?

In computer terminology, pointer is a programming language. It is an important part of C language. Uses of pointers: C pointer, C arrays, C linked list, memory-mapped hardware, Pass-by-address using pointers, Dynamic memory allocation.

What are the data type in c language?

Some of them are: 1. char, short, int, long, float, double 2. pointers to these 3. arrays of these 4. arrays of pointers 5. pointers to arrays ...

Are there any FAQs in pointers in c language?

Wikipedia can be a starting point.

What is meant by pointers in c language?

Variables (or constants) that contain addresses.

Why you are not using pointers in java?

Pointers is a very powerful feature that is available in the C programming language but at the same time it is very confusing and many of the issues that arise out of C programs is because of incorrect or inappropriate usage of pointers. Hence the creators of Java language opted to exclude the pointers feature and create Java as a language where the programmer cannot access the native memory area and the memory accessing is left to the system to be taken care of.