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Q: How do you patch a corner tear in your vinyl inground swimming pool liner?
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Can you patch the corners of a 20ft - 30ft inground vinyl pool liner that has big rips?

No. Replace the liner.

Is there a way to patch a swimming pool that has water in it?

Yes, you can. The type of patching would depend on what kind of pool it is - vinyl or concrete - and what it is that needs patching. You can use a piece of pool liner and underwater liner repair glue to patch a vinyl liner (I prefer to not use the clear patch material that comes in most store bought liner repair kits, but the glue is ok to use). If it is a concrete shell, you would use a 2-part underwater epoxy made for pool repair. If the pool is a fiberglass shell, you will likely need to empty the pool to make an effective patch.

How can you fix a rip in a inground pool liner that is still full?

If the rip is not tool arge you can use an undewater patch for vinyl liner with vinyl adhesive - it works underwater - you apply the adheive generopusly all ovetr the patch cut to bigger than the rip size, fold in half with adhesive on the inside, go into water to rip and unfold, smooth out bubbles and apply pressure to hold especially at the edges

How do you repair an inground swimming pool's vinyl lining?


How do you repair a slash in a quick set above ground vinyl pool?

You can purchase a patch kit at any swimming pool retailer and use the same type of patch that is used for an above ground swimming pool liner - the kit is relatively inexpensive but it takes a while to seal but around the slash it should be clean as possible and the drier the better

If you have a new liner with a leak will you get the same amount of years out of it had it not had a leak?

That would depend on several variables. If the leak is professionally repaired and there is no damage to the substrate under the liner, then you should be fine with the life expetency of the liner. If there was a wash-out under the liner, then there is added stress to the liner at that point which can shorten it's life expectancy. If the patch is done with a clear store-bought patch kit, the patch likely will not hold very long and the liner will likely begin leaking again, which can damage the substrate and affect the liner integrity.

What do you use to unstick the regular pool adhesive glue to remove an above the water line old vinyl patch from the vinyl liner in an inground pool?

Cannot be answered without further information. What is the adhesive? Are you under water or dry? Is it a tile or marcite surface? Please asvise

How do you repair sink holes underneath the pool liner floor?

patch the hole first then let it set. Take the back of your foot and try to smooth out the liner after the patch dries for 24 hours.

How do you patch a pool liner?

patching a liner is perfectly ok as long as the liner is not to old as they become brittle and glue does not stick to well - the hole is on a seam which makes it a nightmare to get the patch to seal. a patch kit can be purchased from your pool shop, dive in give hole a little abrade with 400 grit paper get out, cut your patch into a circle apply glue and fold patch. dive in and unfold patch and apply to area pressing out all air. job done - dont vac patch for a week or so. good luck Baz HIGH FIBRE GRP

Why is the inground pool liner growing I keep the chlorine at and the pH just above In two years the liner has grown at least a foot wrinkling. The ground drops 3 feet off one side of the pool.?

The cause of the wrinkle in the liner has little or nothing to do with the chemicals you add to the pool. The ground below the pool is shifting and will most likely slide. You might want to check the pool for leaks. One sign of a leak on the exterior of a pool would be a very green patch of grass or weeds in the area of the leak.

How long should you wait before you fill a refill a pool after a patch?

Depends on the patch kit used. Most swimming pool vinyl patch kits will cure underwater because draining of a vinyl-lined swimming pool is NEVER reccommended!

Is it possible to repair a crack in the top step of a 25-year-old inground pool?

How to repair vinyl liner pool stepsYou can use fibre-shelkote putty and gel coat. Usually a crack is due to loss of underlying support, just putting a patch over the crack will not suffice. Contact pool step specialists who repair just swimming pool stairs to get the proper tread repair completed, or to order a kit. Try

How do you patch around inlets in an inground pool?

Put water proof tape around it and put the inlets around the pool.

Is rust underneath a patch in a vinyl pool liner cause for concern for an in-ground pool?

is the patch on the side wall? most likely the wall is rusting.. not a HUGE concern but when and if u have the liner replaced i would deff have it looked at... not usually a hard to fix problem

How do you fiberglass an existing swimming pool?

What type of existing swimming pool? You can patch an existing fiberglass pool.

Leaking inground vinyl liner?

First you have to find where the water is leaking. To figure that out, fill your pool to the normal water level and mark the water level on the liner. Wait a day and mark the new water level. Fill it up to the first mark then shut off all your pool equipment and wait the same amount of time. If the level drops the same the leak is in the liner, other wise it's in the plumbing. If it's your liner leaking in some cases you can grab a pair of goggles and get wet to find a hole and use a patch kit from you nearest pool dealer to patch it. Sometimes you can't find it, most pool dealers have equipment to find the leak and they can patch it. If it's in the plumbing, you could be in for a bigger problem. It may involve cutting concrete decking and a bunch of digging. You have to get to the pipe that is leaking and cut that part out and patch a new line in. Again most pool dealers have equipment to easily tell which line and where plumbing is leaking. This can save a lot of work!

How can you fix vinyl liner tear in ground pool?

Vinyl liner patch kit are available at pool dealers and at stores like Walmart. They usually consist of some clear vinyl and some liquid glue. The best thing is to use vinyl that matches your pool liner. I always save scraps when new liner is installed. First trim the patch to cover the hole. A round or oval patch works best since there are no corners to peel off. Next clean the place to be patched. Then cover the back of the patch with glue. If the tear is under water fold the patch together with the glue on the inside. Next open the patch and place it over the tear and press the air out starting from the center working outward. If the tear is deep under water you may need to find a diver.

Can ants eat inground vinyl pool liner and create pinholes?

Yes, definitely. I had to replace the pool liner due to a freeze-induced blowout (in an above-ground pool). When I replaced the liner I used the foam pool coving material, rather than just reshape the sand. The next year, we started having little leak after little leak. Finally, I drained the pool halfway down to try and patch some bigger areas, and when I pulled the liner away from the wall, the pool cove material was riddled with ant tracks around every area that was leaking. I don't know if it was termites from some nearby rotten firewood, or just ants making nests there, but they really trashed that liner.

Can you replace a skimmer without replacing the liner?

There are several forums that describe how to replace a skimmer. Assuming you have a concrete walled pool, it will require pouring of cement and doweling epoxy coated metal rods into the existing wall. If this isn't done it will crack and cause additional skimmer leak problems. Assuming the above, and even with an exact replacement, it would be impractical to try and save the liner, and to assume that cutouts and holes will line up etc. However, if it is a budget challenge and you have no choice, a less cosmetically appealing attempt could be to apply a patch over the existing cutout. This would require obtaining a section of pool liner (such as a 16 x 24 inch piece), vinyl pool patch cement,and, of course, creating a fairly large patch that extends to the upper lip of the liner and several inches around the perimeter of the skimmer. (This patch will never match your existing liner ...thus the reason it would be less appealing.) After lowering your pool water level, remove the skimmer bezel (on the water side of the pool liner) and, leaving the upper lip of the liner locked in it's channel, apply the patch in place. (This you would do before attempting any skimmer repair.) Let the patch dry for a day, make certain it looks well sealed, and then pull the liner out of the channel sufficiently enough to conduct the skimmer replacement work. After the new skimmer is in place, carefully reinstall the liner in the channel. Install the new bezel and screws and cut out the skimmer hole. When installing the liner section back in the channel, keep a pot of very warm water nearby. You will likely need to pour it on that section of liner to allow it to strectch into place. Bob

How do you fix an above ground pool liner that's leaking?

It depends on how big the leak is... You'll have to get it dry and clean that's for sure. Then find a patch kit that correlates to the type of material used in the liner. That will only work if the leak is small enough. Be sure and use a cleaning solvent that makes the liner receptive to the patch material. EDIT: This is not correct. Today's repair methods for pool liners do not require the liner to be dry. In fact, if you remove the water from a liner pool, the liner is likely to shrink and will not easily restretch, so it is preferred to keep the water in the pool when doing the repair!

How do you repair leaks in the stair strip seals of a vinyl-lined pool if it's a new liner?

The vinyl liner should bond together with PVC glue from lowes or home depot. There is even a PVC liner that can be used with the glue to patch tears rips and holes.

Can you patch over a patch on a vinyl liner or do you need to pull the old patch off?

The patch will hold better if you remove the existing patch. If you patch over the existing patch, make sure all the edges are sealed off. If you are tired of replacing your vinyl liners, you might want to check out fiberglass as an option. A new fiberglass surface can be applied to your pool, and you will get a much longer life out of it. You can read more at:

How can you patch the hole in your plaster swimming pool or do you need to resurface the whole pool?

I guess the answer really depends on how big and deep the hole is. Cracks, holes and tiles can be repaired using all purpose waterproof cement. I have used a product by Leslies Swimming Pool Suplies called "Patch It". Not only does Patch It easily patch the hole, it can be applied underwater without having to drain the pool. Good luck! Magdude1

Is there a minimum temperature of an indoor swimming pool?

Everything has a minimum temperature including all swimming pools.If you mean minimum usable temperature, that would depend entirely on the person using the pool. Most people think 68 degree water temp is too cold to swim in, but I have gone swimming in outdoor pools with water temp in the mid 30's to patch holes in the pool liner. And NO, I didn't have a drysuit or wetsuit available to use on that job... Just the same swim suit I use when swimming over summer in 80+ degree water.

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