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Go buy some drywall mud and sandpaper from the hardware store (someone there will be able to help you if you're not sure what you need). Smear the mud over the hole until filled and let it dry (may have to do this more than once if it's a big hole), then sand it until smooth. Paint over the mud spot with whatever paint you used on that particular wall.

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Q: How do you patch a small hole in drywall?
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How do you repair drywall hole and vapour barrier?

I tape the broken vapour barrier with red 'Tuck' tape then put a wood backing in the hole and use small pieces of drywall to patch.

What type of patching products can be used to patch a small hole in drywall before painting it?

Use drywall compound, or a 'drywall friendly' caulk like Alex ll. This is easy to apply and sets in about an hour, does not shrink in small holes and can be sanded.

How do you repair a hole in my wall?

If it's small, fill it with mud (drywall compound. ) or caulk like Alex ll. If large, make a backing patch from spare drywall and fit into the hole, hold it with 2 screws, then tape it with mesh tape, then mud it.

How do you fix a hole in the dry wall?

If it's small, fill it with mud (drywall compound. ) or caulk like Alex ll. If large, make a backing patch from spare drywall and fit into the hole, hold it with 2 screws, then tape it with mesh tape, then mud it.

Drywall Repair?

form_title=Drywall Repair form_header=Prevent problems in your home with drywall repair. Get the experts to fix the drywall in your home. How many walls in your home in drywall repair?=_ What type of drywall are you looking for? =_ Desired Completion Date.=_

How do you fix drywall?

You patch it with scrap drywall pieces or use mesh tape.

How do you repair holes in quarter inch thick drywall?

It depends on the size of the hole.For the smallest holes (less than an inch or so), you need spackling paste and a putty knife. Fill the hole with spackle, wipe it level with the wall with the putty knife, and let dry. Paint.For medium holes (about 1" to 8" wide), you will need an aluminum patch, which is sort of like a mesh grid, patching plaster, a sanding sponge, and a large putty knife. Put the mesh grid up to the hole, and use the plaster to coat the grid and blend it into the surface of the drywall. After it has dried, sand it even. Prime and paint.For larger holes (larger than 8"), you will need a drywall patch, joint compound, a sanding sponge, drywall screws, a screwdriver, and a compound knife (to spread the joint compound). Cut a larger, well-shaped hole around the hole that you are trying to repair, in the shape of a rectangle (for example, if you had a football-helmet shaped hole in your wall, you'd cut around the hole in the shape of a rectangle) and remove the excess drywall. Cut the drywall patch to the same size as the hole you just made. Screw the piece of drywall into the joists inside the hole. Use joint compound to cover the drywall screws and blend together where the drywall patch meets the old drywall. After it had dried, sand it even. Prime and paint.

How do you fix a dent in drywall?

If it's small spread mesh tape over it, then mud it. If bigger than doorknob size, put a patch of drywall into it then mesh tape and mud.

What is a small piece of cloth used to cover a hole?

uh, a patch?

How do you patch drywall?

You can buy drywall compound already mixed. If you don't have one, buy two putty knives (they're cheap) one small and one larger (for larger jobs.) If there are small holes in the drywall you can simply fill the hole with the drywall compound. You may need to give it a second application or even third application as the compound will shrink as it dries. When I apply it I am sure to make it even with the wallboard and clean up around the edges as this makes it easier to sand with a fine sand paper after. Let it dry over-night and then lightly sand with fine sand paper. For larger holes you will need to purchase a dry wall kit which includes a drywall patch to cover the area. Follow the directions in the dry wall kit which are pretty much the same as covering a smaller hole, you just need more of the drywall compound. The patch is needed to adhere the compound to the wall and to give it stability.

What is bullet patching?

For drywall repair . bullet patching is cutting out a piece of gypsum board the same size as the hole but leaving all the paper on the face so you don't need tape to finish it - google" Bullet patch drywall" for images

How do i Update moen shower valve?

Cut out the drywall in the wall behind the shower. Replace the valve. Patch the drywall.

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