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When you perform a transformation of a figure on the coordinate plane the input of the transformation is called?

It is sometimes called the pre-image.

What is the difference between rigid transformation and non rigid transformation?

rigid transformation is for same modality(CT-CT) nad it can only perform translation, rotation and scaling translation. whereas non rigid for multimodality and it can do streching and shriking too. it use demon algorithm .

How do you do transformation jutsu?

perform the hand seals which are tiger,dog,boar

Muscles perform what type of energy transformation?

It is chemical to kinetic energy.

What do you need to perform experiment for burning white and colored candles to see if they burn at same rate?

You need white and colored candles, a timer, and a lighter.

What do you do with the runescape anniversary cakes and candles?

You get 10 candles and one cake and a tinder box. Put the candles on the cake and then light the cake and click CELEBRATE! ______ When you have the complete, lighted cake in your inventory, you can perform an 'Anniversary' emote with it.

What is the relationship between materials and procedure in the scientific method?

Well, in science fair the Materials are the items you use to perform your experiment. Many get confused but it doesn't include your poster board, a pencil, or paper. The procedures are step by step directions of exactly how you performed your experiment. The relationship is that you use materials to perform your procedures. Often times you may be told how to use the materials in the procedures. Does that help?

How do you perform a seance?

Light candles, darken the room and draw energy from those participating to communicate.

What are the advantages of instructional materials in teaching?

Instructional materials are supplements to the materials composed by a teacher. Advantages of these materials are that they add different perspectives to the teacher's knowledge, and provide additional activities for students to perform.

What is the strategy of paying suppliers and distributors to perform certain business processes or to provide needed materials or services?

the strategy of paying suppliers and distributors to perform certain business processes or to provide needed materials or services.

Why does a woman perform the sabbath celebration?

The Shabbat is observed by all Jews, both men and women. However, it is the women who traditionally light the Shabbat-candles. See also the Related Links.Link: Why do women light the Shabbat candles?Link: Women and the lighting of the candles

Why do Jewish women traditionally cover their eyes before reciting the blessing over the sabbath candles?

We hold our hands between us and the candles so that we do not directly view the flames while reciting the bracha (blessing). The reason for this is a bit convoluted. Normally, we say the bracha before we perform the act. However, once the bracha over the candles is recited, Shabbat has started and once Shabbat starts we cannot light candles. So, to get around this conundrum, we light the candles then block the flames from our view until after the bracha is recited thereby "recreating" the lighting after the bracha. source: Code of Jewish Law, Orach Chaim 263:5.

In dragon ball gt transformations how do you perform the kamehameha?

come si fa la kamehameha in dragon ball gt transformation

What type of energy transformation do photovoltaics perform?

Radiant Electric Kinetic They transform electromagnetic radiation (for example light) into electrical energy.

Is computer with recycled materials is more effective than new one?

Depends if they are the same type of materials. If they are then yes they should perform the same.

How do you perform a warewolf transformation?

Really, you don't. But the following are steps to performing a wErewolf transformation: 1. Wait for a full moon 2. Be a werewolf 3. Transform 4. Terrorize the village 5. Transform back and let nobody know

Identify three functions of plastids?

Plastids are cellular organelles and perform functions such as: photosynthesis, starch storage, pigment storage, and energy transformation.

What function does lysosomes perform in a cell?

break down waste materials and cellular debris

To perform a reaction with small amounts of materials one should use an?

test tubes

What is the definition of training materials?

Material used by instructors, facilitators, and students in a training environment. These materials store the information needed by the learner to perform tasks.

What is the working principle of transformer?

A transformer relies on electromagnetic coupling to transfer power between two electrically isolated circuits. The transformer may step-up or step-doen the voltage or even perform 1:1 transformation for isolation purposes.

What is the process of exchanging materials between blood and body cells?

Respiration. The main job of blood is to perform external and internal respiration, in the lungs and the tissues. This main job is called gas exchange.

What energy transformation do muscles perform?

hi muscles perform Potential->Kinetic->heat potential- energy that can be used and is stored for use kinetic - movement heat- a prime factor of any kinetic relative glad to help Jordan

Why do cells perform endocytosis?

It is needed for protection.They destroy bacteria and harmful materials through endocytosis.

What three materials do plants need to perform photosynthesis?

They need sunlight, soil containing minerals, and water.

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