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Simple! you dont!

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What does a belly button pierce mean?

it means to have a belly button (navel) piercing, whether its to have on or to get one done

What does Navel mean?

A Navel is your belly button.

What is another name for a belly button?

Umbilical Knot 'Navel' is more common The "Navel" is the area around the "belly button"

How do you spell navel?

navel...or better known as belly button.

What is the navel of a lamb?

its the belly button!

What is the term for belly button?


What is a navel?

A navel is the area around the "belly button" otherwise known as the "umbilical knot". When people refer to a "belly button" piercing they are actually referring to a "navel" piercing.

How old do you have do be to ge your belly button pierced?

Old enough to learn it's a "navel piercing" not a "belly button" piercing, we do not pierce belly buttons. The age is usually the age of majority, without parental consent, with parental consent it can be 16 years but this varies from state to state or province to province.

What does the Navel Orange have to do with the navel?

The indent on the orange looks like a navel (belly button)

What is the meaning of navel?

It would be your belly button.

What is a navel peircing?

belly button piercing !

What is a navel cavity?

It's your belly button

Belly button piercings?

Actually it's Navel piercings no one pierces a belly button.

What are the types of navel piercings?

There are two types: the top of the belly button or bottom of the belly button.

Can you have a belly button piercing without ever wearing anything in your belly button?

Ahhh No. You need to have the piercing for a minimum of a year to be able to walk around with a pierced navel without having jewellery in it.

Is it more likely that a non t-shaped belly button or navel will eject a piercing when compared to a t-shaped belly button or navel?

No, it is not more likely that a non T-shaped belly button will eject a piercing when compared to a T-shaped navel.

What is the real name for a belly button?

Clinically, the belly button is known as the umbilicus. It is also known as the navel.

What is a flap on an outer belly button?

It's the navel

What do you call a sailor's belly button?

a naval navel

What is a muddy belly button called?

a dirty navel

What refers to the navel or belly button?

Ewan kooo. :)

What if your Belly Button is Pierce can it stop you from having children?

Not hardly, but if it did I believe there would be a lot more women running around with navel piercings....hope this helps

What is it called when you have the bottom of your belly button pierced?


Which area of the abdomen is commonly known as the belly button?

The navel.

What is the part of your body called where you get your belly button pierced?

Your navel