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You don't pierce your own eyebrow.Wikianswers is not a venue to provide how too information that can lead to serious injury.Safety pins are not safe in any way, shape or form to pierce yourself with. You are inviting infection and disease if you follow the previous answer and it also goes to show how much you should trust the general public. If you want your eyebrow pierced go to your local shop and talk to them and then ask them if a safety pin will work, if they say "sure" run and find a better shop. Safety pins are not made out of any implant grade or surgical grade material and therefore cannot be sterilized. Rubbing alcohol will kill most bacteria, but that leaves you wide open to viral infections and diseases such as hepatitus and HIV. You may ask how, but honestly, who's to say that a packager doesn't have Hep. C/B or HIV and gets stuck packing up 1000 safety pins and yours just happens to be in that batch? There are too many .

Something to consider

The reasons you should not attempt to pierce your self should be obvious, but for those who think it's a "DIY" project, here's some food for thought.

Infection and contraction of MRSA, HIV, Meningitis, Hepatitis and Tetanus are all very serious health issues, MRSA is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that can in most cases land the unlucky individual in the hospital (and has been responsible for serious deformities and deaths). These infections has been caused by using unsterilized equipment and materials. Sterilization is not achieved by pouring alcohol over needles and jewellery, or burning these items over a fire or exposed flame. Microorganisms live in the fine fissures and cracks in needles and jewellery and only the high temperature and pressure of a steam Autoclave can render these and many other bacteria harmless.

The above reasons alone should be enough to sway anyone from thinking they can do it themselves. Professional body piercers have years for hands on training and education to enable them to make any piercing "look simple", when in fact they are considering dozens of things when they lay out a piercing and actually do it. So consider your lack of knowledge, training and skills before you attempt to do any self piercing, once you pierce it, it's damaged tissue. This makes it even more difficult for a professional piercer to leave you with a great looking piercing when the area we have to work with is damaged by self inflicted attempts.

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How do you pierce your own anti-eyebrow?

Terrible idea. There are a lot of nerves in that area so you could cause a lot of permanent damage.

How do you pierce your own eyebrow at home?

You don't. There is a nerve in your eyebrow that if you hit it whilst piercing you could paralyse that side of your face. If you wish to get your eyebrow pierced please go and see a professional.

Did Bill kaulitz pierce his piercings by himself?

No Bill Kaulitz didn't pierce his own tongue but im not sure about his eyebrow i don't think he did.

What does getting your eyebrow pierce mean?

piercing your eyebrow pooper :D google that shat.

What gauge barbell do they pierce your eyebrow with?

It depends on gender and the eyebrow. Female 18g or 16g . Male 16g or 14g

What to do if don't like your eyebrow pierce?

take pierceings out or get new ones

What its the length of an eyebrow piercing?

The barbell size is determined by the piercer preparing to pierce the client the eyebrow is measured and not all eyebrows are the same.

Do guys have to pierce their left eyebrow?

Nope. Pierce whichever side you want. It'd be easier to heal if you get it on the side that you don't sleep on.

What to use if you don't have the right tools to pierce your eyebrow?

Don't do it. You will ruin or scar your eyebrow and it will be there the rest of your life. Go to the proper shop to get it done if you must do this.

Is it gay to pierce both sides of your eyebrow?

No, if you like both sides pierced then get it, it doesnt represent homosexuality

Can you pierce your eyebrow with an earring?

If you're talking about piercing your own eyebrow with an earring, then probably not. It's not sharp enough to pierce the skin. You need a sterilized needle. However, it's not recommended to give yourself piercings on your own unless you are a professional. Infection is more likely and so is the chance of screwing up. If you're asking about putting in an earring into where you've had your eyebrow pierced (instead of a different form of body jewelery) than it's not too hard as long as it's big enough. Just make sure you clean it before taking it from one piercing to the next.

Can you buy your own eyebrow ring?

Yes, you can. ;)

What is the typical gauge for new eyebrow piercings?

Standards for an eyebrow would be 16g, the 3rd smallest you can do. You can always ask them to pierce it in a different size, but the shop might charge you $5-10 more.

When your piercing your eyebrow does the ring have to be a gauge?

First off you don't pierce your own eyebrow, you don't even know the basics about body jewellery for the piercing you want. So save your self the doctor's bill and go see a professional body piercer, they will advise you on the recommended, size, type and style of jewellery for the piercing you are after.

Want to make own eyebrow products?

no because you have to buy your own products

How do you pierce you own belly button?

You should not pierce your own belly button. In most cases you get infections.

What could you use to numb your eyebrow so you can pierce it?

ice or some form of injection but probs best to go with ice

Is it safe to pierce your own eyebrow?

No, it is most certainly not safe to do so. Even when done in a professional setting it is possible for problems such as infections to occur. Given that the eyebrow is extremely close to your eye, and any injury or infection in the area could damage your sight, it would be very foolish to attempt this... the chances of infection and injury are extremely high should you attempt it.

Which eyebrow do you pierce if your bisexual?

It does not matter. Such 'signals' are not universal and mean different things in different places. In most places they mean nothing at all.

What types of eyebrow piercings are there?

Vertical eyebrow, horizontal eyebrow and anti eyebrow. The anti eyebrow is not actually on your eyebrow, but it is a very cute piercing.

What piercing place in Gainesville Florida will pierce your eyebrow with your parent at thirteen years old?

Most places won't touch you unless you're 14.

How do you pierce your own chest?

with something sharp!

Is it safe to pierce your own eye brow?


Can you pierce a dog's eyebrow and is it legal?

why would you want to? i mean, sure, dress your dog up in pretty clothes or whatever but, seriously, don't pierce your dog. it counts as animal abuse and the dog won't like it either. please don't!

How much does it cost for an Eyebrow pierce?

Prices can range from $45.00 ~ $85.00 it depends on the jewellery selected the metal chosen and the amount of competition in the area from other studios.

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