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How do you pierce your own lip?


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Body piercing is not a hobby, it is a serious procedure that can if done and treated incorrectly cause serious injury and infection requiring medical attention. Pierce it your self kits are irresponsible and dangerous. Please seek the advice and assistance of a trained professional body piercer for all your body piercing requests. What you need to pierce your own lip is a phone book and some common sense, book an appointment with a professional body piercer. Wikianswers is not a venue to provide how to instruction that can lead to serious injury through misuse of the information.


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Don't do it yourself. Go to a person who knows how. This is not something you want to do wrong because it could ruin your lip for the rest of your life. But if you were to pierce it yourself pierce it from the outside going in.

yea, but it would look wierd, (depending on how big it is)

Try stabing your lip or twist the needle in ur lip remember to put some cream or somin so it doesn't get infected

Yes. You can do irreparable damage to your lip muscles and tendons piercing your own lip. i heard that you can, bit i did mine 4 times myself and it all turned out fine. just be careful i guess.

You don't pierce your lip with the ring, you need a specific sized needle, and then you slide the ring in. I'd recommend going to a professional unless you wish to have an infection or pierce it in-correctly.

If you pierce your lip then your stupid in less your job is pierce lips any way no it is not safe to use ice if your piercing your lip because your lip might freeze.

No. She just has jewels glued on her lip for the video

you don't. go see a professional. and it will still swell some.

WellI hope you meant pierce, but there are multiple places you can pierce. There is the Monroe, which is a little higher than the upper lip. Snake bites (which I personallyy don't like) which is the bottom lip in the crevases which makes it look like 'snake bites'. Also just a lip piercing, which is one crevase on the bottom lip.

Go to a shop, where a trained professional will do it. There really is no safe way to pierce your own lip unless you've had lots of practice and were trained to do it. The complications and dangers of doing this are pretty well documented. Please note, I'm not saying don't get your lip pierced, I'm saying don't do it yourself. The previous poster was right - "Go to a shop, where a trained professional will do it".

NEVER PIERCE YOURSELF UNLESS YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL. Considering that you're asking this question, you definitely aren't a pro. Lip piercings can be tricky to pierce in the right place. Your piercer has to look at you lip/teeth/gums to choose the right place to pierce so that it'll sit right and not rub on your gums/teeth. If you do it yourself, you risk infection, nasty scarring, disease contraction and gum or tooth erosion down the road. Which is irreversible. Just save up, and go to a legitimate professional.

Nope. They just pierce it. Anything they could use to numb your lip would cause it to swell up, making it hard to pierce you accurately. Besides, it doesn't hurt very much.

No you need to go to a professional piercer

A 16 gauge or 14 gauge are the most common for lip piercings.

If I were you, I'd go to a professional, but make sure you go to someone recommended or else they might use dirty needles, etc. ----------------------- There is no "safe" way to pierce your own lip. If you are hell bent on doing it yourself then I would recommend lots and lots of research and you're going to spend more to do it right at home than you would if you were having it done professionally.

I believe it is 12 with parent consent

Angel bites are basically a double-Monroe; basically, on both sides of your upper lip.

No it's not, trust me I did it. That part of my lip got infected, and there was blood every where.

You can't. If you stick a big needle through your lip, it's gonna hurt.

The people at Claire's will not pierce lips. They only pierce lobes and, at some locations, the cartilage of your ear. They use piercing guns instead of needles, and the guns cannot be used on the lip.

Generally a 14g for a male your lip/labret, and 16g for a female lip/labret or monroe, madonna, medusa piercing.

Piercing yourself is a lot if responsible.I would say maybe using a hollow needle that Is either 14g or 16g. I pierce myself all the time and I would say just be careful and know what your doing.

Don't let anyone pierce your lip if they aren't professionals. Either wait till you become legal or convince them to fork out a little money to get it done the healthy way.

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