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You could try calling family members or friends if you know of any, and give them some believable reason for contacting the person, like you owe him/her money or you borrowed something and want to return it. There is the option of hiring a 'skip tracer' but that would result in more expenditure that you probably wouldn't be able to recover. Unless you can get the help of a neighbor or family member of theirs it will be pretty difficult.

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Q: How do you place a judgment against someone if they moved out of the state AFTER you won your case and you no longer know where they live?
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It could be as soon as they moved out, or as soon as they moved into another residence.

How long can a debt collector collect a debt from a judgment if you have moved to South Carolina?

Moving has no affect on a debt. The creditor or his agent the collector may collect against a judgment for ten years from the date of judgment or the date of last payment, which ever is later.

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A judgment against you is not invalidated just because you moved out of state. If you fail to wrap up your financial business before leaving, that puts you at a distinct disadvantage in Court, but running away does not clear the debt.

How do you put a lien on someone's house when they have been using your furniture for 7 years and have since moved to another state and locked you out of the house?

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What does it mean when you get a letter saying that a car company is putting a judgment against you?

Car Company JudgmentIt means you have missed a least one or more payments on the car and now they are going to garnish your paycheck.You should have received one or more letters telling you that you were behind. If you have moved in the last three months, they only have to send a certified letter to the last known address. They do not forward it unless you tell them you have moved.

If your wages were previously garnished and the debt was not fully paid off and you've moved out of state since then can they garnish you again?

NO! The party holding the judgment will first have to get a sister stae judgment approved in the county that you moved to. Of course before that, they will have to find you...depending on the state, just keep your head down, don't go nust applying for credit, then let it die down. A California judgment is good for 10 years, with the opportunity to extend for another 10. Very few people extend judgments. * Monetary judgments are not transferable from state to state as state garnishment laws differ, with the exception of child support obligations. The judgment creditor will have to file another suit against the debtor in the state where the debtor now lives;unless the debtor is still employed by the same organization. If the judgment credtor can prove the debtor moved specifically to avoid the garnishment they can request additional monetary damages be added to the debt.

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Can a New Jersey court levy a lien on credit card debt incurred in Pennsylvania?

Creditor lawsuits generally must be filed in the state where the debtor resides. If the debt was incurred in one state and the person moved from that state after making the contract, in some instances a suit can be filed and a judgment awarded in the state where the contract was made. In which case the judgment/lien can be filed against property where the debtor now resides.

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