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First, you have to have performed professional improvments to the home. It generally can't be for amateur work, it has to be contractors only. Next there is usually a time limit, and if that time limit has expired, it's too late. Last, you fill out a form and record it with the county recorders office... At least that's the process in most states. If you are a lender, the homeowner/borrow would need to sign a promissory note and sign a deed of trust or mortgage against the property. If someone owes you money and fails to pay, you need to obtain a judgment by suing them in court. Once you have a judgment, you can get a judgment lien from the court and record it to create a lien on any real property in the judgment debtor's name. Sometimes this is called an abstract of judgment. They file appropriate papers with the deed in the county courthouse. I believe that all jurisdictions require that the property owner be notified of the lien. *The only type of lien that can be placed against property without a court judgment is a Mechanic's Lien. A Mechanic's Lien can be filed by a contractor, subcontractor, building materials supplier, laborer, etc. that has done repairs of improvement on the property for which the lien is being sought. The lien is placed against the property by the petitioner filing out the required forms and supplying the necessary documents to prove the claim valid, in the office of the county clerk or the county recorder's office in the state and county where the property is located. File a lawsuit in the appropriate state court. If the plaintiff wins the case, a judgment is entered against the debtor/defendant and in most instances a judgment can be executed as a lien against real property owned by the debtor. A Mechanic's Lien is filed at the office of the County Recorder using filing procedure as required by state law in the county in which the property is located.

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Q: How do you place a lien on someone's home?
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How do you put a lien on someones home without going to court?

How do you place a lien on someone's home.

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Yes, a lien can be applied to a piece of property.

Can you have a lien put on someones own home if they owe monies from another job site?

Mechanic's lien- no.Mechanic's lien- no.Mechanic's lien- no.Mechanic's lien- no.

Can a lien be place on someone's home?

Yes, a creditor can definitely place a lien on someone's home. In fact, a lien can be placed on anything that the individual owns.

How can you place a lein on someones home?

how do you place a lein on some ones home

If you pay someones mortgage payments can you place a lien on the deed?

If you pay someone's mortgage you can place a lien on the property only if you have stated that condition in a properly drafted written agreement signed by both parties. If there is no agreement then you are a volunteer and have no legal standing to place a lien on the property.

WHAT DOES THE LAW REQUIRE Prior to putting a lien on someones property?

To place a lien on someone's real estate you must obtain a court order that can be recorded in the land records.

Can you put a lien on someones house if they owe you money?

Yes, if you have proof that someone owes you money you can go to the courthouse and file a lien on their home, land, car, etc..

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To place a lien on a home you must first obtain a judgment in court then you must record the judement in the land records where the property is located.

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CitiFinancial will not place a lien on your home if they have your car as collateral. They will place a lein on your car and you risk them having your car repossessed.

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