How do you place an evaporator in a Cherokee jeep?

The dash needs to be removed for this repair.

1. Disconnect battery. Remove the refrigerant using an AC machine. Remove the heater hoses and ac lines at the firewall. Remove the 10 mm bolt near the heater hoses in engine compartment that goes through the firewall to the evaporator case.2. Remove the center console, look for hidden screws inside the rear of the console with the cup holder slid open. Remove shifter assembly, place the nylon strap to the side.3. Use a trim tool to remove both pillar trim pieces and dash trim panel near windshield, pry the defrost vents from the dash panel (just loosen them do not remove). Remove the bolts along the top of the dash panel near the windshield.4.Pull the weather stripping and place out of the way. Use trim tool to remove panels in bottom door opening, remove screws that are now revealed that secure kick panels and remove kick panels...For the complete article that covers this visit, Tech Articles.