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How do you plan a wedding?


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Start with the basics- You can do any or all of these things below to start out but basically you need to decide what kind of wedding you want, how long you have to plan it and what kind of wedding you can afford. Start thinking about colors, where you might wanna get married. Are you really religious, do you want to get married outside, do you want a destination wedding, do you want a winter wedding, do you want a Parisian themed wedding?

get some wedding books or magazines

get a planner

go to a wedding planning website like or


1. Date (just start with time of year, worry about the actual date later)

2. Budget (who's contributing, remember that sometimes when people contribute they think they run the show)

3. Theme/Style (your wedding vision)

Decide how much you can reasonable spend, remember the beauty of a wedding is not measured in money spent.

Most halls, and churches book up a year or more in advance so choosing locations as soon as possible is always wise.

Get a list of possible guests together, the number will help you determine how large of a site you need.

If dealing with a tight budget, make a list of what is most important to you, examples would be,

great dress? Great Location? A million Flowers? So that your money can be budgeted in a way that gets you want is most important to you. Then you can save on the other items.

When choosing a date remember certain times of the year are cheaper, in season flowers are cheaper, and be sure to pick a date that does not interfere with others special occasions.


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A wedding plan book can be used no matter what religion one believes, but not all people use a wedding plan book. To make memories, many use a wedding plan book.

on average most people plan their wedding for 6-12 months i hope this helps

A wedding designer doesn't plan a wedding, he designs it. The wedding planner has to plan every single details of the wedding : guests, outfits, ceremony, reception, food, drinks, music, photos, wedding cake... He's the wedding coordinator. Whereas the wedding designer is in charge of the decoration only. Also, some wedding planners take care of the decoration too. As I do. It can be less expensive if the wedding planner is in charge of everything. I hope it can help you. Johanna, Cherry Wedding : wedding planner Paris

A wedding Planner to plan the Where to event... (yes they plan those too!!)

The first thing you should do is realize there is no perfect wedding. The best website to help plan your wedding is Wedding Wire.

The cheapest way to plan a wedding is to do everything yourself. Cut corners where you can like making your own cake.

She didn't have a Wedding Planner. Alex and Katie both decided that they didn't need a Wedding Planner to plan there Wedding.

Wedding Financing is important to ensure that you can have the wedding of your dreams. Plan your wedding date and start saving in advance so that you can afford everything.

The cast of Plan Your Dream Wedding - 2004 includes: Christine Bersola as herself

Technically, a wedding planner is someone who helps you plan your wedding. A wedding planner is the one responsible for setting appointments and bookings for the wedding venues or reception areas.

date, get engaged, plan the wedding

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You should sit down with your father and his fiance to see whether they want a large traditional wedding; a wedding in a chapel or perhaps a garden wedding with the Minister there or, perhaps they may well want to get married by the Justice of the Peace. If your father wants the wedding then plan it according to the size of it and plan just like you would if you were getting married or, the way your were married. Remember, it is not just your father's wedding by his fiances as well so confer with her.

The MOB is usually very involved in wedding planning.

Not always. Many people plan their own weddingsthemselves.

You'll need a backup plan for in case bad weather strikes.

Planning a wedding can be hard are simple depending on the size and what the person wants. The easiest wedding would be a back yard wedding with candles and chairs with some ribbon. is the UK's leading wedding directory. You can find wedding planners and all the help you need to plan the perfect wedding of your dreams.

Yes, but it's a good idea to include the groom, since it's his wedding, too!

There is no "right" wedding date. You just need to plan for when you're not too busy.

Wedding invitations should be sent out three to four months before the wedding to give the guests a chance to plan around the wedding especially during spring or summer months.

A wedding planner book is used to help plan a wedding. This book has also been called the wedding Bible. It covers every possible part of the wedding imaginable. Most wedding bibles start at the engagement and end at the honeymoon.

For a wedding, you need not only the wedding dress, but wedding jewelry, wedding shoes, a bride and groom, wedding rings, witnesses, a place for the ceremony, invitations, food, napkins, plates, cutlery, decorations, wedding attendants, photographer, musicians, minister or justice of the peace (someone qualified to perform the ceremony), etc. For musicians, I found a great website where you can browse and book live wedding bands and singers for your wedding. Check it out here: The most important things are a budget and a plan. A wedding planner can help you plan your wedding and make a list of the things you would like to have.

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