How do you plant flowers in pokemon platium?

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Have you tried buying berries then going to a area thats brown then clicking on it and itll give u the option to plant a berry there then after u must tend to the plant to get more berries from the plant I hope this helped

How do you get pokemon platium?

u go the Gamestop and go in there then ask the man in the store to get u the Pokemon platinum and it cost u $49.99

How do you get Gratina in pokemon platium?

Before doing this you must have 7 gym badges.. First you fly to Oreburgh City (Where the first gym is). Then get on your bike and ride on fast gear up to the mini brown mud hill. Cycle up it then ride right until you reach a cave (the cave is called M.t. Corenet). The run to the top of the cave and ( Full Answer )

On pokemon platium can you catch Cresselia?

Of Course, beat the Elite Four and go to Canalave City, there will be a sailor at his boat go inside the house right next to him a boy having nightmares will be in there interact with him. Then go back outside talk to the sailor he will say "Ive lost my love of sailing since my son fell into that ho ( Full Answer )

Where do you get Lucario in pokemon platium?

Lucario: just like in Pokemon diamond and pearl. go to canalave city take the boat to iron island in iron island go inisde the cave. in there you will see a partner he will join you. now that you have him find the galactic team. battle them. after that. he will say thank you and give you an egg. (r ( Full Answer )

How do you catch Giratina in pokemon platium?

First you go to mt.cornet, then on spear pillar you will enter to a portal that will send to the distortion world, you will fight against cyrus, and you will fight against giratina, hoped it helped.

Where do you get the different fishing rods in pokemon platium?

\nHere are their respective locations:\nOld rod - go to the building-gate west of Jubilife City and talk to the fisherman there.\nGood rod - go to Route 209 and talk to the fisherman there.\nSuper rod - this rod is only available after you beat the Champion and completed the Sinnoh Pokedex. Go to th ( Full Answer )

How do you get a shamin on pokemon platium?

if u mean shaymin u need TR. U event ar AR or normal event.TRU=toys 'r us store. or ive u have 2 ds and diamond and platinum tweak on diamond.

How do you get Lucario in pokemon platium?

you first have to go to iron island on a baot from canalave city just go across the bridge and go down and find a sailer tlk to him and you will be there then you go in to a cave and find someone in blue his hat look like a wierd foot print giude him through the cave doing double battles and when yo ( Full Answer )

Can you trade pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to platium?

You can do oneway trades. From Firered to Platinum, but not back. You need to get the National Dex and then go to Pal Park on Route 222 below Sandgem Town. Then you can migrate Pokemon from Firered or any GBA game to Platinum.

How do you beat pokemon platium?

Read the Pokemon statagy book. You can get one from K-mart, Target, EB Games and other gaming retailers.

How do you catch a heatran on pokemon platium?

you need to go to stark mountain and you will find this guy called buck and he will tell you to go to stark mountain and you need to fight commander mars and Jupiter (this is the last time you see team galactic) and there will be a new boss and after you defeat the commanders he will go somewhere el ( Full Answer )

Where do you get an evee in pokemon platium?

Go to hearthome city and the house next to the Pokemon center and you will see bebe in there and she will give an eevee there you go hope i helped

How do you get to sunyshore city in pokemon platium?

read this first before you do it because you might do something wrong so please read it before you do it. Go to Eterna Galactic building and go in their and follow he route to all the team galactic are standing in front of a stage then Cyrus comes out he blathers on about something then he goes. ( Full Answer )

What is the best starter pokemon in pokemon platium?

depends on taste (for me, Chimchar. Infernape has level 4 attack, sp attack, and speed), but statistically piplup is the best. its stats are rounded out the best (attack, defense, sp attack, speed 4. 3 speed). it goes up by one each time it evolves. (prinplup 4,4,3,3,3. empolleon 5,5,4,3,4)

Where do you find a glacion in pokemon platium?

Level up an Eevee on route 217 (4th gen). somebody different- and if you talk to bebe (in the house by the poke center in hearthome city) she will give you an eevee

How does Pikachu learn volt tackle on Pokemon Platium?

Pikachu cannot learn volt tackle!!! A pichu can though. Go to Solaceon Town go to the house next to the Pokemon center. The guy will tell you to catch a certain Pokemon. Then after that fly to Pastoria where you battled Wake. Go to the house near the water. where the guy in overalls are standing.The ( Full Answer )

Where to find larvitar pokemon platium?

Get the NatPoke'dex and talk to Dawn's little sister in Solaceon Town and there will be different poke'mon each day. that's how I got mine

Where can you find a manaphy in pokemon platium?

You need to beat Pokemon Ranger 1 or 2, then complete the mission to retrieve the Manaphy egg. Then you transfer it to Pokemon DPPt. Or, in Pokemon Platinum, you can see Manaphy's picture in a book in Mr. Backlot's mansion and then get it on the GTS.

In pokemon platium how do you get rare candies?

Excluding the ones you can find normally (you can look those up in solutions(area descriptions found online) and cheats, I can think of two ways, which are repeatable: A Pokemon with the ability Pickup has a chance of finding one at random if it is at least level 21; from level 41 on the chance tha ( Full Answer )

How do you get entai on pokemon platium?

Entei is only obtainable if you Migrate it from FireRed Or LeafGreen, or if you migrate it from another GBA game that has traded with Colosseum for Entei. So, you can't catch Entei in-game on platinum. You can only trade for it.

How do you get Arceus in pokemon platium?

A man in pokemart by the desk will give you the arzu flute. Then play it at spear pillar. A stairway will appear. Go up them then you will be at the hall of origin. It will be there. Catch it after a battle.First the man will appear after you beat the Pokemon league 50 times.

Where do you get Dialga and Palkia in pokemon platium?

you go to mt. coronet and u go to the water fall cave where the galactic grunt was standing go in u will find the adamant orb nd the palkias orb then go to spear pillar u will see a blue (dialga) or pink (palkia) vortex

Where is mew in pokemon platium?

Mew cannot be found in Pokémon Platinum, the only way to get Mew in Platinum is either via a cheating device or with an event distribution since Mew is an event-only Pokémon.

How do you get Espeon in pokemon platium?

Get the eevee from Beebee in Hearthome city. It evolves with friendship in the daytime. make friends with it by having the lady in Veilstone city give it a massage, batle wth it or gove it the sooth bell.

How do you get moltres in pokemon platium?

First you need to beat the game.When you get the national pokedex Oak will tell you to go to pal park.Talk to Oak again in pal park then he says he going to stay in eterna city.Go to eterna city go down as you were going to the highway.The last house to the right that's his house.Go in talk to him a ( Full Answer )

How do you catch phione in pokemon platium?

you can never ever ever get this Pokemon in any game you need Pokemon ranger shadows of almia or action replay for Pokemon ranger you need to migrate the manaphy egg when you have transfered in hatch it and breed it with ditto a egg will appear hatch it its a phione or you need the action replay cod ( Full Answer )

How do you catch a elekid in pokemon platium?

You need to get a female and male elactibuzz and put it in the day care you find a elactibuzz somewhere near sunyshore city it's in grass not water than an old man standing in front of the daycare might give you a egg if it breeds(it might not work)

What is the best starter pokemon for platium?

Turtwig- his last evolution, Torterra, is grass and ground. So it's great against Inferape. And Empoleon is easy with Torterra. The fire type Pokemon would be easy for Torterra if you let it learn Eathquake. . It really depends on what you're more comfortable with. I'll give you a quick run-down of ( Full Answer )

How do you get a Palkia on pokemon platium?

Defeat Cynthia go 2 cave under waterfall pickup item 2 the right go 2 spear pillar examine pink portal be prepared its Level 70 if u waste master ball u r an idiot i caught it in a heal ball