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How do you play Mortal Kombat?

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Every mortal kombat game comes with a instruction packet that says how to play. For fatalities, you can look them up on the computer.

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Can you play ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 in Mortal Kombat armageddon?

No you cannot :(

What were the names of the mortal kombat movies?

mortal kombat and mortal kombat Annihilation

How do you do the fatalities in mortal kombat deception?

Go to how to do the fatalities on video games to play the mortal kombat games

How many mortal kombat games are there?

There are 11 Mortal Kombat games, including: Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat 2 Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Mortal Kombat Trilogy Mortal Kombat 4 Mortal Kombat Gold Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Mortal Kombat Deception Mortal Kombat Shalion Monks Mortal Kombat Armageddon That's all of them. Hope that helps (BTW, they're all in order) how did you forget mortal Kombat mythologies sub-zero after MK4 ultimate mortal kombat (ds) mortal kombat unchained mortal kombat tournament edition mortal kombat vs dc universe mortal kombat 9.>>>>>>>>>>>>> they werent made yet

Did Jackie Chan play in Mortal Kombat?


How many Mortal Combat games are there?

There are eleven Mortal Kombat Games so far. These titles include "Mortal Kombat", "Mortal Kombat 2", "Mortal Kombat Gold" and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

How do you play ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 in Mortal Kombat armageddon?

Answeri dont knoweasy but its a bd=bonus disc

How do you play as kintaro in Mortal Kombat 2?

i dont think its mortal kombat 2... i think maybe 3 or 4

Can you play as rain in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3?

Rain is not a character available in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Sorry :)

What are all the mortal kombat games?

mortal kombat 1 ps1 mortal kombat 2 ps1 mortal kombat 3 ps1 ultimate mortal kombat ps1 super Nintendo mortal kombat 4 ps1 mortal kombat gold ps1 mortal kombat deadly alliance ps2 mortal kombat deception ps2 PC mortal kombat shaolin monks ps2 mortal kombat armageddon ps2 wii mortal kombat vs dc universe ps3 xbox 360 ultamate mortal kombat 2 super Nintendo and ultamate mortal kombat 3 super Nintendo Don't forget MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero

Where can you play Mortal Kombat games online?

There are various ways that you can play Mortal Kombat games online. You could buy the latest game for any of the consoles and play online.

Mortal Kombat mortal alliance?

no mortal kombat deadly alliance

Is there a Mortal Kombat 10?

No there is not a mortal kombat 10

What is the new mortal kombat called?

Mortal Kombat

Is there mortal kombat karnage for wii?

No Mortal Kombat Karnage is only for the computer but there is Mortal Kombat Armageddon for the Wii

Which Mortal Kombat is the best?

Probally Mortal Kombat v.s D.C or Mortal Kombat Armageddon

How to unlock secret characters of mortal kombat karnage?

maybe you have to play as all characters and win with all of them

What mortal kombat game had chess?

Mortal Kombat Deception

Where can you find Mortal Kombat sound effects?

I would suggest searching for a mortal kombat fansite or mortal kombat soundboard.

What is the name of the mortal kombat symbol?

Some call it the Mortal Kombat logo, others call it the Mortal Kombat dragon

Is there a website where you can play Mortal Kombat vs dc online?


What is the name of that Mortal Kombat movie?

As of 2009, there are 2 1. Mortal Kombat (1995) 2. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1999)

How much is goro on Mortal Kombat X?

Goro from the Mortal Kombat series is $4.99 dollars to buy on Mortal Kombat X.

Is kratos in Mortal Kombat?

Yes, In Mortal Kombat 9 (2011).

How many Mortal Kombat characters are there?

There are about 63 characters in Mortal Kombat.