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Senet was a board game invented and played in Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. It was their National board game. It is the oldest board game ever recorded and it is believed it began around 3500 BC. The Rules of Senet To play Senet you need~
  • 2 players
  • A Senet board
  • 10 playing pieces of 5 spools and 5 cones
  • 4 counting sticks- plain on one side decorated on the other
Imagining the board like this, the numbers show the direction of play. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Arrange all of the playing pieces alternately (cone - spool - cone, etc) along the board from 1 - 10 Each player throws the counting sticks to determine their move~
  • 1 uncoloured side up- 1 move
  • 2 uncoloured sides up- 2 moves
  • 3 uncoloured sides up- 3 moves
  • All uncoloured sides up- 4 moves
  • All coloured sides up- 5 moves
The player that throws a one first starts.They then throw the sticks noting down their scores until they throw a two or three. They then move a piece or pieces forward the distance given by their different throws. Notes:
  • A piece can jump other pieces
  • A piece can land on the opponent's piece, and swap places with it unless the opponent's piece is guarded- next to another opponents piece
  • A backwards move is possible only if no forward move is available
  • If a player can't make a move, they must "pass"
  • All pieces must land on square 26
  • An exact throw is needed to land on square 26
  • If the player lands on square 27, 28 or 30, the piece must go back to square 15 and the players turn ends
  • Instead of going to square 15, you can wait in 27 until a four is thrown by you
  • To clear a piece from the board, throw throw any number from square 30 or exact throws from squares 28 or 29
  • A throw of five clears a piece from square 26
  • If you can only mive from square 26, but have no where to go, you must land on square 27
  • Clear all pieces from the board to win
Look at the related links for more information and for a picture of a Senet board.
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What was Senet?

Senet was an Ancient Egyptian board game that was played mostly by Pharaoh's. It is believed it began around 3500 BC. To learn how it was played, used the related links below.

What is senet and what is the rules?

Not much is known about this game but people suspect the game rules are this . Throw the sticks to see how many squares to move your piece forward ( you could also use a dice). . If you throw a one, four, or six, you get an extra turn. . You can't land on one of your own pieces. . If you land o ( Full Answer )

How do you win senet?

To win at Senet, you must be the first player to remove all of yourgame pieces from the game board. Senet is a game the originated inancient Egypt.

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What was the ancient Egyptian game senet?

The ancient Egyptian game we call senet (hieroglyphs: snt ) was a board game which was very popular among all classes. The name means "passing", but the rules of the game are not known today. Pictures from tombs show the board marked out in squares and two sets of playing pieces; one set is tall ( Full Answer )

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What does senet mean?

it was the most popular board game in egypt. Senet was played by the pharoahs. It was found predynasty and first dynasty burial of egpyt.

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How do you play senet in ancient Egypt?

While we know how the game of snt looked and how the pieces were set out we do not have a set of rules or even clues about how it was played. The name snt comes from the verb sni , to pass, so it is likely that "passing" an opponent's piece scored a point, but exactly how this worked is unkn ( Full Answer )

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