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You can't, it's impossible. Xbox 360 games are made for the Xbox 360, not PC. They both have very different hardware infrastructure, so software made for 360 would not be compatible.

It may be possible in the future, as PCs become faster though. You may have heard of emulators that run NES games - they get away with this because modern PCs are fast enough to emulate the hardware of those old systems. Xbox 360 is not old, immensly faster than NES, and millions of times more complex. If it were possible to emulate Xbox 360 it would most likely take years of work and research and only run on the top supercomputers of today.

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Can PC games be played on Xbox 360?

No, the xbox 360 does not play PC games. pc games cannot be played on xbox 360 nor xbox

Can PC games play on the Xbox 360?

No, the xbox 360 cannot play games that were developed for pc, and vice versa.

How do you play PC games on n xbox 360?

No, the Xbox 360 will only play Xbox 360 games and some original Xbox games.

Is there an add on to play PC games on an Xbox 360?

No. There is no way to play PC games on a Xbox.

Can you play Xbox 360 games on your PC monitor?

Yes it is possible to play your xbox 360 on a PC monitor.

Can you play Roller Coaster Tycoon PC game on your xbox 360?

No. You can not play PC games on a Xbox 360.

Is it true that you can play xbox 360 games on the PC?


Can you play PC games on xbox 360?

you cannot physically insert PC games into the xbox 360 and play them. but most PC games are made for the Xbox too, (same company, go figure...) so u have to buy a second copy for the xbox if u want to play it there.

Do Xbox 360 games play only on Xbox 360?

Yes they only play on a xbox 360 but the code can be edited via PC if hacked properly. They can play on ps3.

Can a PC play xbox 360 games?

No, you need to play it on the xbox, and vice versa for PC games, and only games which say on the top, "Games for Windows", which can be played on the PC, as well as a Macintosh.

Can you play PC games with an xbox 360 controller?

You can use a Xbox 360 on a PC but it requires 2 programs you can find a tutorial on YouTube.

Can xbox play a computer on call of duty 4?

No Xbox does not even have the game and Xbox 360 can not play the PC game because they are different. All PC games are different from Xbox 360 games and the games from the other consoles. That's is like asking will a PC game work on my Xbox. Besides the games being different they play on different networks

Which is better PC or Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 is better for gaming depending on the types of games you want to play!

What games can you play on the PC with an xbox 360 controller?

You cannot connect your controller to your PC. However, Microsoft have released a gaming controller for PC which is a Xbox 360 controller.

Where can you get an emulator to play xbox 360 games on your PC?

There isn't one.

Can you play Xbox 360 on PC?

Well no, but you might run it on a PC screen,and the old xbox,ps2 has "Emulators" you can download to your PC and then play they're games on the PC! Soon the Xbox 360 Emulator will be out(i think) But i recommned a gamer PC, if you want to run them:P

What games on the PC can you play with an xbox 360 controller?

Any game that is a ROM

How do you play Xbox360 games on your computer?

Simple! You don't. Xbox 360 games are not compatible with a PC.

How do you get Xbox 360 achievements from playing PC games?

Here is a list of "Games for Windows Live" that you can play on PC using your Xbox Live Gamertag and get achievements

Where can you play xbox 360 games online?

If you want to play games like Call of Duty on your PC, you must PURCHASE a LEGAL copy of the game and play it on the PC

Xbox games on your computer?

no , however , you can hooked up your xbox 360 on your PC and play any game you want

Can you play Halo 2 PC on Xbox 360?

no , however , get a PC it's better than xbox 360

Do you have to have xbox 360 to play MW3 or can you play MW3 with just xbox?

No you can only play mw3 on xbox 360 (and pc and ps3 of course) not on xbox.

Can a Xbox 360 play PC games?

No, no it cannot, it wont read the disc right, now if you slightly modify your xbox you may be able to play PC games, but it would take time, and be a total waste of an xbox.

Can you play Xbox 360 on some pcs?

NOXBOX 360 is only played on Xbox not pchense the name Xbox 360