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How do you play a CD on an MP3 player?

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Playing a CD on an MP3
  • You could download the CD want on your computer.
  • Then transfer the CD to your mp3 player.

Quick lesson: Audio Cd is not usually in a format that an MP3 player recognizes. need to change the CD (songs) into MP3 format.Kind of like translating from spanish (CD player understands) into English (MP3 player understands). The easiest way, I believe, is called "ripping" and can be done with Windows Media Player (WMP). Play the CD using WMP and the top toolbar has a "rip" function. Just under "rip" is a tiny the down arrow and a sub-menu pops up. select mp3. should see a checkmark by it when selected. Now play the CD and press rip and WMP should translate (copy) the audio CD into MP3 format. If you hook-up your MP3 player can "rip" directly to it. Just FYI...I copy all my music into MP3 format when putting it on the computer. There are slight quality issues, but it just makes things esier later. This is just me...And there are other and probably better ways to do it. But this is quick and WMP is already on my computer (free). Good Luck!

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Can CD player play mp3?

A CD player cannot play mp3 files. However, mp3 music can be burned onto a CD-R and played on a CD player.

Can a mp3 be used in a CD player?

not unless the CD player can play mp3 cds.

How do you play a mp3 disc on a CD player?

Depends. If your CD player supports MP3, it will play just like any other CD. If it doesn't support it, there's no way to play your MP3 CD.

Can you Play a CD on a MP3 unit?

Yes, if it is an MP3 CD Player. I don't believe that there are any of these that will not play a regular CD.

What is a CD in MP3 format?

It is a CD, but instead of having stand CDA (CD audio) files on it, the disc has MP3 files on it. It wont play on CD players that only play CDA, but it should play on any CD player that supports MP3 decoding.

Can all CD players play mp3 cds?

No, only CD players which are specifically designed with mp3 in mind can play mp3 disks. There will usually be an mp3 logo on the front of the player to signify this.

Can I get a Car Cd player that will play MP3's burned onto CD-r?

There are plenty of car CD players that will do that. Look for MP3/WMV text on the corners of the CD player.

Can you play mp3 CD in a DVD player without TV?


Can you play mp3 through your stereo?

Yes, providing you have the required ports and cables you can play them from your iPod, mp3 player, etc. However, some CD players do not recognise the MP3 format if they are on a CD and will not play such CDs.

Will the CD player in a 2004 Toyota Sienna play MP3?

No, our 2004 Sienna with premium sound does not play MP3 files.

What exactly is a cd mp3 boombox?

A CD/MP3 boombox is a player that will play both CD and MP3 formats. This allows the user to make the most of their digital music collection, such as itune purchases.

Can you play a CD-RW on your CD player?

A CD-RW is a CD disc that can be re-recorded. Whether or not you can play it on your CD player is determined by two things. If you use software to create an audio CD on a CD-RW then it will play on most normal CD players. If you have a CD player that will play MP3 discs as well as audio CD's, you can copy the tracks from your computer onto your CD-RW disc as MP3 files and again it will play. This type of disc will not play in a normal audio CD player without MP3 capability. Because MP3 files take up so much less space on a CD than normal audio tracks, an MP3 disc has the advantage of being able to hold massively more tracks than a normal audio CD.

You transfered a CD to my music library and then transfered the music from your library to your gigaware mp3 player but the music won't play what do you do?

the format on the CD is not mp3... so you have to convert it to mp3

Can you play an MP3 CD on a car CD player?

If your car CD player is capable of doing so - newer ones are; older ones are not.

How can I find out if my CD player will play mp3's?

two options there - put the cd in and see if it plays. or look on the cd player itself and see what it says - it should say CD but if it plys mp3's etc it'll say MP3 as well :)

What format will a CD player in a 2005 dodge ram truck play?

It has to be in music CD format. IT will not play MP3's.

Can a 2003 Chevy trailblazer ext CD player play mp3?

Unless you can get to the aux input to plug in a cable for an mp3 player you are stuck with CD audio only.

Are there any car cd/mp3 players that I could buy for under $100?

Yes, there are car CD/MP3 players available for under $100. Some of the highest rated models for in dash CD/MP3 players at this price are the Pioneer DEH-1100MP CD/MP3 Player, Clarion CZ109 CD/MP3/WMA Receiver, Kenwood KDC-MP142 CD/MP3 Player, JVC KD-R200 In-Dash CD/MP3 Player, and the Sony CDX-GT330 CD/MP3 Player.

Is there a MP3 CD?

MP3 format data can be stored on a CD and played back on any MP3 compatible CD player.

Is the CD player in 2006 Toyota corolla play mp3 files?

No, it doesn't.

Does the Sirius Plug and Play Universal Boombox allow you to play CDs or MP3's?

The Sirius Plug and Play Universal Boombox does not play CD's or MP3's directly,but it does have an auxillary plug you can use to attach a cd player or mp3 player.

Difference between mp3 CD and audio CD?

An audio CD is the kind you buy in the store. Some store-bought albums have extra content, but you buy it because it plays the music you want to hear through your CD player of choice--in your car, in your boombox, etc. An audio CD conforms to certain specifications so that CD players from as long ago as the 1980s will be able to play them.An MP3 CD is a CD burned as data. Unless you have a CD player that specifically boasts about its ability to play MP3 CDs, an MP3 CD will not play in your car, in your boombox, etc.

Why the movie which works in your computer doesnt work in CD player and which format is good to work it on CD player?

Some car CD players are finicky. I aways burn them as MP3's all your newer CD players will play MP3"s

Why wont Mp3 play in your car CD player?

Your player may not support MP3. Your mp3s may be encoded in a way which is not compatible with your CD player. Many CD players cannot play variable-bitrate mp3s for example. Sometimes my car stereo (which supports mp3) has difficulty with some of the cheaper CD media. Cds which are odd colors are often not readable by in-dash players.

What is the difference between a MP3 player and a MP3 CD?

The difference is the type of media being used. an MP3 CD player will play mp3 cds that you burn yourself with a PC. They will soon go the way of the VCR. An mp3 player has a flash card or hard drive inside to which you will transfer files you wish to view/listen to.