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How do you play a CD on an MP3 player?

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2011-09-13 05:51:52

"Playing_a_CD_on_an_MP3" id="Playing_a_CD_on_an_MP3">Playing a CD

on an MP3

  • You could download the CD want on your computer.

  • Then transfer the CD to your mp3 player.

Quick lesson: Audio Cd is not usually in a format that an MP3

player recognizes. need to change the CD (songs) into MP3

format.Kind of like translating from spanish (CD player

understands) into English (MP3 player understands). The easiest

way, I believe, is called "ripping" and can be done with Windows

Media Player (WMP). Play the CD using WMP and the top toolbar has a

"rip" function. Just under "rip" is a tiny the down

arrow and a sub-menu pops up. select mp3. should see a checkmark by

it when selected. Now play the CD and press rip and WMP should

translate (copy) the audio CD into MP3 format. If you hook-up your

MP3 player can "rip" directly to it. Just FYI...I

copy all my music into MP3 format when putting it on the computer.

There are slight quality issues, but it just makes things esier

later. This is just me...And there are other and probably better

ways to do it. But this is quick and WMP is already on my computer

(free). Good Luck!

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