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First Finger: Bar over ADGBE strings, 3rd fret.

Second Finger: B string, 4th fret.

Third Finger: D string, 5th fret.

That's how to play a Cm7 on the guitar.

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Q: How do you play a Cm7 chord on the guitar?
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Cm7 chord on piano?

C minor seventh chord or Cm7: C Eb G Bb

A sentence with chord in it?

Play the G chord on the guitar.

What is the loudest guitar chord?

The loudness of a guitar chord depends on how hard you play it, just like any other instrument. There is no "loudest guitar chord."

What is an open chord on the guitar?

While playing the guitar, if you play the chord and not holding all the strings on the stock of the guitar, it is called an open chord. A chord in which the root note is open.

Where can someone find a B chord guitar chart?

B chord guitar charts from the following websites: Guitar About, Ultimate Guitar, Jam Play, Just In Guitar, Guitar Lessons World, Guitar Chord, Chord Book, Guitar Noise, Jazz Guitar Lessons, Chord Find, to name a few.

How do you play an f chord on the guitar?

nobody knows

How do you play an a minor chord on guitar?

Do you know how to play a major chord? If so, flatten the 3rd and presto, it's minor.

How do you play a Cmin chord on guitar?

---------|-----------|----------|---------------------------------------------------- ----1---|-----------|----------|------------------------------------------------------ ---------|-----------|----------|---------------------------------------------------- ----2---|-----------|----------|------------------------------------------------------ ---------|-----------|------4--|------------------------------------------------------ ---------|-----------|----------|----------------------------------------------------

Who showd Taylor Swift how to play guitar?

A computer repair guy taught her how to play the G chord on guitar

How do you play the A chord on guitar?

An A chord can be played several different ways on the guitar, but the most common A chord is the open A. To play this chord, simply bar your first finger across the second fret of the second, third, and fourth strings. When strumming this chord, be sure not to strum the sixth string.

What is the difference between bass and acoustic?

When you play the bass guitar chord it is longer than the acoustic guitar chord and the acoustic is for country or rock songs

How do you play an f chord?

On a keyboard, an F chord triad is f - a - c. On the guitar, you take an E chord and bar it up one fret. (Incidentally, it's f - a - c on the guitar too.)

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