How do you play an acustic guitar What are the notes?

its easy to play an acustic guitar all you have to do is know the notes and here they are:

E- first string on the top of the guitar

A- second string on the the top of the guitar

D- third string on the guitar

G- fourth string on the guitar

B- fifth string on the guitar

E- sixth string on the guitar( the highest note, the lowest string)

And those are the notes. Look all you have to do is play these notes to play on the acustic guitar. Oh and these are the same notes on a electric guitar too. So you have gold right there. And remember when you first play and practice real good on the acustic guitar, then you can play the same thing on the electric. And you don't have to take classes for the electric.

Always here to help. yours truly,

help girl