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How do you play chess?

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Set up the Chess board by placing all the white and black pieces in their proper starting locations.

Start the Game. White goes first. The player with white pieces moves any piece legally, as as described above. Then it becomes Black’s turn.

Continue play with each player moving one piece per turn until the game ends. ...

Capture an opponent’s piece by moving a piece into an occupied square. The captured piece is then removed from the board and is permanently removed.

End the game.

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The board layout for chess is an 8x8 square grid, adjacent squares having alternating dark or light color. There are two players, whose pieces begin the game on opposite sides. One player has 16 light-colored pieces (White) and moves first. The other player has 16 dark-colored pieces (Black). Subject to the actual rules, these are the pieces and how they move : * King (1 each) - one square in any direction, more in special move "castling". * Queen (1 each) - any number of squares in a straight unblocked line * Rook / Castle (2 each) - any number of squares vertically or horizontally (unblocked) * Bishop (2 each) - any number of squares diagonally (same color and unblocked) * Knight (2 each) - one square vertically or horizontally, then one diagonally (L shape) - never blocked * Pawn - (8 each) - one square forward only, option of two on first move Pieces "attack" an opponent piece by occupying the same square, removing the opponent piece. Pawns, however, attack one square ahead diagonally, as opposed to how they move. For tournament play, clocks are used to give each player equal time to plan and move, while allowing for a limit to the length of the competition. (For complete rules, see links.)

To set up the board, make sure a light colored square is on the right side.

Rooks are placed in the corners. Knights are beside them. Then come the Bishops. King and Queen are placed in the center. The Queen always starts on her own color (Black's Queen starts on a dark square; White's starts on a light square).

The 8 pawns are lined up in front of the back pieces.
You can look to the two related links below on how to play chess .

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