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How do you play downloaded software?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "Play." If you mean you want to open the program and run it, there are several ways to do this. (I also don't know what kind of equipment you have, in future questions please give your OS and your browser). On the chance that you are using Windows software, you may:

1. Go to start/programs and right click on the program or the exe file and choose "Open."

2. Go to start/run and type the name of the program in the box.

3. Go to start/search and type the name of the program or exe file in the box. When the program comes up, click twice on it.

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Can you remove downloaded software?

you can remove the downloaded software by going to my documents/downloads... and there you can find the set up of the software... just select the software and press shift + delete and your downloaded software can be deleted

Would like to play DVD in computer for which you need software which can downloaded freelyonline?


Is antivirus software or hardware?

Software. Think if it this way. You can touch hardware, software is downloaded.

Which software are downloaded legally and ethically from the internet for free?

Software that can be downloaded free and legally are: 1: Open Source software (Though not all software that is open source is free) 2: Freeware 3: Shareware 4: Software trials

What is downloaded software?

a program that run on computers.

What is Software that is downloaded from the Internet and is free known as?

Open end software or Shareware.

If LimeWire software is deleted from your computer will the files you have downloaded to your Windows media player also get deleted?

My experience is that you cannot play the files you have downloaded once you have deleted Limewire. I just did. I do not have limewire any longer.

What is mapping software?

Mapping software, is software that is downloaded into your computer which provides you with the tools you need to construct maps.

Where can one purchase Cyberlink Power DVD software?

This software should not have to be purchased it should be able to be downloaded straight from Cyberlink power website or when you try to play a DVD that needs that software you should be directed straight to the site.

How do you get the 3.0 Itouch software back after you accidentally deleted it?

The software you downloaded to install the 3.0 in the first place, just go to the 'downloaded' section in iTunes and reinstall it.

Can you downloaded iPhone 3gs software on iPhone 3g?

no, thats why there is software for the 3g and the 3gs.

How do you play downloaded movies on PS3?

Click on the video you downloaded

I just downloaded a Wii game from the internet how do I play it on my Wii?

You can only play downloaded if your Wii is chipped

Can you play downloaded MP4 files on a mp4 player?

Yes. It should play downloaded MP4 files.

Where can one download the latest version of Kostenlos Spielen?

First the translation of "kostenlos spielen" simply means "play for free" in German. Play for free applications can be downloaded at Google play, Amazon, and software for free.

Why do computers need software and what software can be downloaded?

Because the computer needs the software to work. With out OS we cannot operate the computer. So we need softwares to run the computer. All the software can be downloaded and installed in computers nowadays.we lots of free download sites

Can we play a DVD in a CD drive if DVD software is downloaded?

No. The DVD has more bits-per-inch than the CD reader hardware can handle.

Will a Xbox 360 game play on a plain Xbox?

Some only if you have the Xbox 360 Hardrive and some software downloaded from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox.

Where can I get windows software?

Microsoft offers a wide variety of software for windows. They have software that is free, low cost, and high cost. This software can be downloaded at home.

Which photo editing software will work on a cheap notebook PC?

Photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop can be downloaded onto a notebook PC and costs approximately ‚£50. Similarly, software packages such as PaintShop Pro can be downloaded, for example.

Is their a Wild Ones GEH software?

yes, i downloaded at

Can music be purchased from iTunes and downloaded direct to a PC?

With the iTunes software installed you can purchase from the iTunes store (part of the iTunes software) and your music is downloaded and stored in the iTunes library on your computer.

Where can i find history of downloaded apps in play store-?

For detailed instruction on finding history of downloaded apps in play store visit

Where can one download tablet software?

Tablet software can be downloaded easily from the operating system website - for example, android software for tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Software for tablets can also be downloaded on the tablets themselves, for example when there is an IOS update on the iPad, a notification appears and you have to option to download the software to update.

Is there any software to play PS CD from your PC?

yes there are a number of Playstation emulators most will require you to convert the CD into a downloaded file before it is played