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Well It's auctually quite simple, when the rope reaches just over halfway press any button to jump. But the speeds will change so it's all about timing. When you get to 30 firworks go off and you have completed the game!

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โˆ™ 2009-09-19 07:54:42
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Q: How do you play jump on tamagotchi?
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How do you play jump tamagotchi v2?

how to play jump on tamagotchi v2

What does it mean when your tamagotchi is jump?

i think it wants to play so take it to play some games!

How do you take your tamagotchi to preschool?

Preschool (Children ONLY) You can play jump-rope with your teacher and friends by using the A button to jump.

Is there a code to lose weight on tamagotchi v4?

no but you can to it to its job or play games like jump rope or flag

When does your V6 tamagotchi go to school?

When your tamagotchi turns into a kid play all the games in music games at least once. Then at some point in time a tamagotchi teacher will come and give you a present which is some kind of toy. That is an invitation to come to school. Then when you want to go to school just choose the door icon and then choose away. You will meet three friends and chat. The teacher will come out when you press any button except for the restart button. Then you will play skipping and every time the rope comes near the ground press A to jump and if your tamagotchi won't jump then you will lose and go home. It didn't jump because it must have gotten tired. A tip: When you skip stress will build up on your tamagotchi quickly.

How do you get money on tamagotchi's?

depending on what tamagotchi you have. there are different games. you go to the baseball bat to play them.

How do you get mimitchi on your tamagotchi v3?

You play many games and hope that it turns into the tamagotchi you want.

How do you get intellagince points for your tamagotchi?

Play Games!

How do you play your tamagotchi online?

you go to

How do you enter the Code ABCCAB on your tamagotchi?

go to PC then exit then you jump off buildin

How do you lose weight on tamagotchi V4?

You play games.

What can you do with the tamagotchi v4?

You can play games , meet other tamagotchi's you can get your tamagotchi pregnant and basically just look after it :) And you can do over 10 diffrent jobs (new only on v4)

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