How do you play lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a game of speed and your always gonna be on the run. There is a crosse the stick and a head with mesh in it that you can use to scoop the ball up. Make sure you don't rake it.( my coach is always saying it) When your trying to catch the ball don't catch it like a spoon. Hold your stick up and let it come in DO NOT swat at the ball in an attempt to catch it. And stretch cause you'll feel achy after a game. Never stop in the middle of a game. First of all your coach will go berserk and second like i said its on the run. If your a new player you''ll need a mouthguard, a helmet, armpads, gloves, a cup, a stick, shoulder pads, rib pads, and cleats. Soccer cleats will do. And if their is a bunch of people huddling whacking each other with the stick don't be afraid to run though a knock a few people down to get the ball but if your team looks like they have it get open so you can get a pass and make a fast break to the goal. the positions in lacrosse are midfeild-which is offense and defense, attack which is offense,defense which is defending your goalie and attacking the attack players and goalie which is blocking shots from going into the goal.