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How do you play ringette?


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March 08, 2011 12:01AM

The objective of Ringette is to get the ring over the two blue lines and into the other teams net. In Ringette you have to pass it over the blue lines and you have to make sure that u do not go in the goalie crease! If the ring does go into the goalie crease then the goalie has 8 seconds to get it out one way or another. Also on most arenas there is a thin blue line, and a red line above the to circles in both zones. Each team is only allowed 4 players (not including goalies) in that area at one time (accept during a goalie substitution also known as pulling the goalie). the game has 2 hours 18 minute period's but in playoffs you would most likely play 2 15 minute peirods. This is only the beginning of my favorite game and a lot of people think Ringette is the same as hockey but its not. Ringette is much more complicated.

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