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How do you play sorry card revenge?


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Place the Big Red Pawn (BRP) in the center of the table. Everyone gets on home board and 4 pawns of the same color. Distribute the Quick Rules Cards and then shuffle the deck and deal 5 cards to each player. The remaining cards go in the center as the draw pile. Turn the top card of the draw pile face up next to the pile to start the discard.


Once everyone has their cards, turn the BRP on and when directed, tap it once to determine who starts the game. On your turn you will either play a card or tap the BRP.

Card play options:

Play 1 card on the discard pile, same color as the top card.

Play any number of cards on the discard pile that are in ascending numerical sequence These cards do not need to color match.

Play a wild card.

If you can play on the discard pile, you must play. You cannot voluntarily tap the BRP

Wild Cards:

Slide card- the slide card allows you to play any amount of numbered cards from your hand which match the color of the slide card. The slide card does not need to match the current face-up card. If you cannot play at least one matching numbered card, you may not play the slide card. The exception is if the slide card is the last card in your hand, in which case you may play it, and the person to the left must follow the slide card rules, if possible.

Safety zone card- May be played on any color, but ends your turn. The following player may play any color on top of it.

Sorry! card-May be played on any card. After playing the Sorry! card, select any other player to tap the BRP. After they have followed the BRP's order, turn passes to their left.

Special Cards:

Special card rules are printed on the cards.

1-When playing a sequence, you may choose to play a 1 on top of a 12.

2-If the 2 is the last card played by you, you may choose to take another turn.

4 and 10- If either the 4 or the 10 is your last card played, turn order reverses. In 2 player games, the 4 and 10 act as a "skip" card, skipping the opponent.

11-If the 11 is your last card played, you may choose to swap hands with any player.

Tapping the BRP:

If you cannot play at least one card, you must tap the BRP. If you are selected by a player playing the Sorry! card, you must tap the BRP. To tap the BRP, simply press down on the top, and listen for his orders, which you must follow. They may include drawing cards, giving cards away, taking cards from others, etc. If you must tap the BRP on your own turn, due to not being able to play a card, you may make any legal play with cards resulting from the BRP's order before the run passes to the next player.

Going home: To move a pawn home, you must empty your hand of cards. When you do so, place one pawn on your home board and draw a new hand of five cards. The winner is the first person to place all four of their pawns on their home board.

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