Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

How do you play the flute HeartGold?

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You will have to move that circle thing to the very top of the radio, then it will say poke Flute at the top.

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How do you get the White Flute in Pokemon HeartGold?

In Pokémon HeartGold, you can find the White Flute in Route 47 in the Johto region.

How do you get the pokemon to wake up in heartgold?

Give them a Bitter berry, play the poke flute,or give them an awakening

Where do you get the azure flute in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot get the Azure Flute in HeartGold. The Azure Flute is only capable of being used in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. The Azure Flute can only be obtained by an event of some sort in Diamond and Pearl.

Where is arcie flute in HeartGold?

It does not exist in HG

Can you trade the Azure Flute from Platinum to HeartGold or SoulSilver?

While the Azure Flute does exist in HeartGold and SoulSilver's files, the Azure Flute cannot be traded to these games. There is also no event to capture Arceus in these games, thus trading the Azure Flute would have no point.

Where do you get the flute to awake Snorlax on heartgold?

you already have your flute its the pokegear take the button with your stylus up to the top it get poke flute theme

Did Joseph haydn play the flute?

No he did not play the flute.

What do you do with the flute on Pokemon HeartGold?

The PokeFlute is used to awaken Snorlax.

Is the flute the easiest to play?

The flute is not the easiest to play, but not the hardest.

Do you have to be good at the flute to play the piccolo?

Nope! It's the same fingerings as the flute, if you know how to play flute, you can play piccolo.

How many kind's of people play the flute?

Two: Those who love to play flute and those who are forced to play flute.

Where to find the azure flute in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't get an azure flute in heartgold you have to get it by the eveny go to youtube and type in arceus event code heartgold or soul silver than scroll down or if it's right in front of you click on it than the code will be in the description

Who was the first person to play the flute?

who was the firs person to play the flute

Who do you play the flute for on poptropica?

you play the flute for cecbrus in hades lair

How do you wake the sleeping Snorlax on Pokemon heartgold?

Play the channel Pokeflute on your gear near him then talk to him. You ge the flute by talking to the old man in the radio tower.

Did George Washington play the flute?

yes, i also play the flute in band i have to look up the flute history

Where do you get the flute in Pokemon Crystal?

there is no flute you have to play the flute recording on your radio

How do you gat poke flute in Pokemon heartgold?

you have to beat the elite four than talk to professer elm he will give you the poke flute

Can Justin Bieber play the flute?

He used to play the flute but he now he doesn't.

Who uses a flute?

Anyone who is willing to learn how to play the flute may learn. People who play the flute are called "Flutists".

Did Carrie Underwood play flute?

yes Carrie Marie Underwood did play flute

Is the flute fun to play?

yes i play the flute and i love it so give it a try

What kind of music does the flute play?

The flute can be used play a variety of music as long as the notes are correspondent. The flute is most commonly used to play classical music.

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