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If you are referring to the stringed instrument that is anatomically similar to a Viola, then you play it as a Viola

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What musical instrument did Selena play?

she doesn't play an instrument

What is Shatatantu musical instrument and how you have to play?

Shatatantu is a musical instrument of the Vedic period.

Does James Bond play a musical instrument?

No James Bond does not play a musical instrument in any of the Bond films.

Did Ronald Reagan play an instrument?

No- Reagan did not play any musical instrument.

What instrument does Davy Jones play?

Musical lockers. he is a actor he doesn't play an instrument.

What defines a musical instrument?

A musical instrument is best defined as any device that can be played and produces an audible sound. Preferable the musical instrument can play a range of different notes or can play a variety of different rhythms.

Who played a musical instrument?

A lot of people play musical instruments. :)

What are the musical notes to play?

It depends on the instrument

What musical instrument does Bill Cosby play?

im unaware of what instrument he plays

Is there a musical instrument starting with q?

It's not a musical, but theres a play called Quillters.

Did Franklin Pierce play a instrument?

I can not find any indication that he played a musical instrument.

What type of notes does the ukulele play?

It is a musical instrument that will play all notes.

What are simple musical instrument?

No musical instrument is simple to master. However, one of the simplest ones to learn how to play would probably be the recorder.

What instrument does kesha play?

None, she lacks musical talent.

Does Nathalia Ramos sing?

no he does not sing but play musical instrument

What is a musical instrument that start with a?

Accordion is a musical instrument. Alto sax is a musical instrument.

What is a musical term meaning solo concert?

to sing alone or to play a musical instrument alone

What instrument does Krishna the Hindu play?

Flute is the musical instrument which is attributed to Lord Krishna's playing

Cornet musical instrument?

it is a musical instrument!

What is something you play that starts with M?

You could play the musical instrument mandolin or maracas.

Does Michael Jackson play any musical instrument?

He can play the piano, drums, guitar.

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