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Google recorder sheet music for the Harry Potter theme song.

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Q: How do you play the theme song for Harry potter on recorder?
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How do you play the Harry Potter theme song on an alto sax?

The Harry Potter theme is a distinctive theme tune from the Harry Potter movies. You could find the sheet music to help you learn to play the theme song on alto sax online.

How do you play Harry Potter in letters on recorder?

Just play till it sounds right

How do you play the theme music for Harry Potter?

Search "Hedwig's Theme sheet music for (whatever instrument you play)" and click you will find many great websites for the Harry Potter theme music.

How do you play the Harry potter theme song on the viola?

go onto Google and type in "Harry potter theme song (viola) that's how i made my kid happy

How do you play Harry Potter theme song on the tin whistle?


How do you play Harry Potter on the recorder in letters?

I have no idea but maybe a parents or teacher could help you with that.

How do you play Hedwigs Theme on REcorder?

yes i do play the recorder

How do you play the Harry Potter theme song on the cello?

You look up how to play it, sit down and play the song

How to play Harry Potter on recorder?

You can easily find recorder music by purchasing it in a music store or online. You Tube has lot of helpful tutorials that will help teach you fingering and how to play. Try a search there.

How do you play Harry Potter song theme on guitar?

you have ccc aaa ddd ggg cadg

How do you play the Harry Potter theme song on the violin?

The Harry Potter movies had some interesting theme music. It is played on the violin by learning the sheet music, and a person placing their fingers on the right string note on the right beat.

How do you play hedwigs theme on trumpet from Harry Potter?

You most likely could but its hard to find music for it. I myself play the trumpet and would love Hedwigs Theme

How do you hold a Harry Potter theme birthday?

This is quite simple: -Buy Harry Potter glasses to hand out to the kids - Buy butterbeer AKA Cream Soda (or ginger ale) to give to the children - There are probably Harry Potter napkins, plates, etc. to buy - Play the Harry Potter movies

Can you have a part in a Harry Potter play?

Yes. There are lots of characters in Harry Potter which you can "play".

Who does colin firth play in Harry Potter?

He doesn't play anyone in Harry Potter.

Can you play Harry Potter Poptropica?

No, but you can get Harry Potter costumes.

How do you play Harry Potter on flute?

There are many songs in Harry Potter. If you want to know how to play the very first song in the very first movie, then I suggest looking at a Music and Arts store. My band teacher works for them and he gave us Hedwig's Theme, the first song in the Harry Potter movies.

Who does kimberley Nixon play in Harry Potter?

She was never in Harry Potter.

How do you play Harry Potter in violin?

You can buy the music im almost all stores. Its called hedwigs theme.

How do you play the full Harry Potter theme song for bells?

This is the begging B E G F# E

How do you play the Spider Man theme song on recorder?

hit play

Will Harry Potter play Harry Potter in the Deathly Hallows or will it be someone else?

If you are talking about Daniel Radcliffe yes he did play harry potter in the deathly hallows... :)

How do you play Winx club theme song on the recorder?


Who does Daniel Radcliffe play in Harry Potter?

Daniel Radcliffe actually plays Harry Potter in the Harry Potter movies.

Where can I play harry potter games online?

At, you can play a free multi-player harry potter game online that is fun and exciting. Or you can play other harry potter games at